William among guests at Duke of Westminster's wedding

Duke of Westminster

The blog post was authored by Rumeana Jahangir, Chris Long, and PA News for BBC News.

The couple's spokesperson stated that it was very meaningful for them to tie the knot in Chester.

The Duke of Westminster's wedding ceremony took place at Chester Cathedral, where the Prince of Wales was in attendance along with many others who wished the couple well.

Hugh Grosvenor, who is the godchild of the current King Charles III, tied the knot with Olivia Henson at the cathedral recently, with Prince William playing the role of an usher in their wedding ceremony.

The duke who is 33 years old became the godfather of Prince George. However, his father couldn't bring the 10-year-old to the ceremony as it took place on a day when he had to go to school.

Police had to take two women out of the group because they had released an orange substance from a device that's similar to a fire extinguisher. This incident happened while the couple was exiting the cathedral.

According to the group Just Stop Oil, a pair of its followers employed certain gadgets to throw colored powder close to the doorway while the newlyweds were moving towards their vehicle.

The police in Cheshire reported that they have apprehended two women. The first woman is from Manchester and is currently 69 years old, whilst the second woman comes from Suffolk and is 73 years old. The charges against them allege that they committed public order violations, and they are still in police custody.

Prince William exited the cathedral along with other members of the wedding party following the ceremony.

The prince was also observed carrying out his role as an usher following the event.

Princess Eugenie was one of the visitors at the cathedral along with 400 other people.

The duke is considered to be one of the wealthiest individuals in the United Kingdom, with a net worth of approximately £10 billion. His partner has experience working in the industry of sustainable food and beverage.

It has been reported that he is not only a godparent for Prince George, but also a godfather to Prince Archie, the son of the Duke of Sussex.

Prince Harry, who served as an usher alongside his brother at Lady Tamara Grosvenor's wedding back in 2004, reportedly did not attend the ceremony with the mutual understanding of both parties.

The service was missed by King and Queen Camilla as they were in Normandy for the D-Day celebrations on Thursday.

The Princess of Wales, who is currently being treated for cancer, was also unable to attend.

The Fabergé tiara belonging to the 31-year-old was specifically designed for Grosvenor brides. It has been in use ever since 1906.

The woman who was getting married had on attire consisting of a gown and head covering that was specially created by Emma Victoria Payne.

Ms Henson came in a classic Bentley that was produced for the automaker's creator back in 1930.

The woman who got married donned an attire consisting of a gown and a head covering that were crafted by Emma Victoria Payne. The dress was embellished with patterns of flowers and borders that were taken from the veil belonging to Ms. Henson's ancestor from the late 19th century.

The person who is 31 years old had on an old-fashioned headpiece known as a tiara. It had a pattern that included leaves from a type of plant called myrtle. This particular tiara was created by a respected group of skilled jewelers from Russia named Fabergé. It is typically worn by brides from the Grosvenor family during their marriage ceremony and has been a tradition since the year 1906.

The bunch of flowers that she was holding was created using the flowers that were carefully selected from the gardens of Eaton Hall which is the duke's countryside residence.

According to the Cheshire Police, their officers responded swiftly when demonstrators detonated explosives in the vicinity of the cathedral.

Two protesters were arrested by officers who were witnessed taking away an orange item during the apprehension process.

People started showing up outside the cathedral early in the day, bringing along chairs for sitting and food for picnicking.

During the service, numerous individuals had assembled outside the cathedral and in the nearby roads. As the couple made their reappearance, a protest was observed by numerous onlookers.

Barbara Williams, an 81-year-old woman from the county of Cheshire, was present in the crowd next to the demonstrators. She expressed feeling a little unsettled following the incident.

According to her, she and her friend Andrea Machin, who is 56 years old, had been standing next to those people throughout the entire day.

"When we got here at 7 in the morning, they were already present and had brought shopping carts," Ms. Machin reported.

All eyes were fixed on the newlywed couple, but suddenly our attention was drawn to an orange object in their hands that resembled a device used for putting out fires.

The authorities swiftly grasped the situation and extracted them.

As William was exiting the entrance, it occurred.

The demonstrators from Just Stop Oil released a statement stating that weddings are a joyous occasion where people unite to pledge their commitment to the future. However, they highlighted that many people would have no future unless urgent action is taken to halt the production of oil and gas.

The sister of the duke, Lady Edwina Grosvenor, was present at the event accompanied by her partner, Dan Snow, who works as a television presenter.

Numerous supporters stood for a long time in anticipation to catch a glimpse of the joyful pair and their attendees.

The duke and Ms. Henson's spokesperson expressed that it was very meaningful for them to tie the knot in Chester. This is because the Grosvenor family has a significant and intimate relationship with both the city and the cathedral.

According to the statement, the pair had taken deliberate steps to incorporate suppliers from the surrounding area into multiple aspects of their special day.

The pair has additionally been affected by the words of encouragement they have obtained from various areas and feel very appreciative that others wish to partake in their joy, according to the statement.

The people enthusiastically expressed their joy upon the duke's arrival.

Poppy and her companions expressed their gratitude for the complimentary ice creams.

The couple has granted funds to support the Summer Flowers initiative, an annual project in the city. As part of their wedding festivities, they have planted a whopping 100,000 flowers. Moreover, they have commissioned three local independent businesses to provide complimentary ice cream and sorbet to everyone visiting Chester city centre throughout the day.

Poppy, a scholar attending the University of Chester, was among the individuals partaking in complimentary frozen dessert.

She expressed her satisfaction in witnessing the camaraderie between the folks and commercial establishments.

She mentioned that it is enjoyable to take the students out into the city and have them participate.

At 25, the duke gained his title and became the overseer of the Grosvenor Estate after his father's passing in 2016. After having been together for two years, the pair declared their engagement in April 2023.

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