Google Doodle pays tribute to Chinese Australian surgeon Dr Victor Chang

Dr Victor Chang

In today's business and world news, it is reported that Google has created a Doodle to honor the birthday of Dr. Victor Chang, a surgeon from Chinese Australian descent. This tribute is a recognition of his achievements and contributions to the medical field.

On his birthday, Google has dedicated its homepage to pay tribute to Dr. Victor Chang- a notable Chinese Australian doctor. He is well known for introducing inventive procedures in heart and organ transplant surgery.

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Dr. Chang came into this world on November 21, 1936. Growing up, he went through a situation where his mother got diagnosed with breast cancer, and that's when his fascination with the medical field started blooming. This life event became a defining moment that pushed Dr. Chang towards exploring and discovering more about the field.

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After completing his medical and surgical education at the University of Sydney, Dr. Chang pursued his residency training at St. Vincent’s Hospital and gained extensive experience at various hospitals worldwide. Finally, he moved back to his homeland in 1972 and started working as a cardiothoracic surgeon at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney.

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Dr. Chang is widely recognized for creating the St. Vincent's synthetic heart valve and for other notable achievements in the field of medicine. The cost of Dr. Chang's artificial heart valve was notably more affordable than previous models, which enabled its widespread application worldwide in critical life-saving measures.

Dr. Chang managed to carry out a heart transplant on the most youthful Australian patient, Fiona Coote, who was just 14 years of age during the operation in the year 1984. Coote was able to receive another heart transplant after two years passed. Presently, she happens to be the surviving recipient of a heart transplant with the longest duration in Australia.

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Dr. Chang's impactful innovations in the medical field have been recognized through several accolades. These honors serve as proof of his medical advancements. In 1999, Dr. Chang was selected for the People's Choice Awards nomination for the Australian of the Century. Furthermore, he was awarded the 'Companion of the Order of Australia' in 1986, which is the highest honor in Australia.

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Dr. Chang was devoted to enhancing healthcare worldwide and had a strong desire to share his expertise with others. He founded the Victor Chang Foundation in 1984 to further this cause. One of the Foundation's main objectives is to invite surgeons to St. Vincent's Hospital located in Sydney, where they can receive advanced cardiac surgery training, especially focusing on heart transplantation, and reach out to Southeast Asian surgeons. Additionally, programs designed to explore inventive methods in cardiac surgery receive funding from the Foundation.

In order to pay tribute to the memory of Dr. Chang, the Research Institute was established in the year 1994 with his name. The primary objective of the institute is to conduct thorough researches in order to develop cures, preventions, and appropriate diagnostic methods for cardiovascular diseases.

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