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Dr Victor Chang

Google Doodle pays tribute to Dr. Victor Zhang, an Australian-Chinese surgeon, on the occasion of his birthday. He earned recognition as a trailblazer in the field of heart surgery and the transplantation of organs.

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Dr. Zhang came into this world on November 21, 1936. He became interested in the field of medicine due to the circumstances of his life that sparked his curiosity at a young age. When his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, he felt an urge to learn more about this field.

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The blogger talks about Dr Zhang's educational and professional background. The doctor earned his degree in medicine and surgery from the University of Sydney and started his training as a resident at St. Vincent's Hospital. Throughout the years, he has gained experience by working in different hospitals worldwide. After some time, Dr Zhang went back to Australia. He took on a role as a cardiothoracic surgeon at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney in 1972.

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Dr. Zhang is famed for his work in medicine, particularly for creating the artificial heart valve at St. Vincent and for his numerous other contributions to the field. Thanks to Dr. Zhang's ingenuity, his artificial heart valve is much more affordable than earlier models, making it accessible worldwide for critical medical procedures.

Back in 1984, Dr Chang carried out a heart transplant on Fiona Coote, who was just 14 years old when the operation took place. The surgery was a success and Coote went on to receive another heart transplant a couple of years later. She is now the recipient of Australia's record for being the person who has lived with a transplanted heart for the longest amount of time.

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Dr. Zhang has been recognized for his medical breakthroughs with many awards, which demonstrate the significant impact of his innovative work. He received a nomination for the Australia Century Award in the People’s Choice Awards back in 1999, and he was also granted the highest accolade in Australia, the Companion of the Order of Australia, in 1986.

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Dr. Zhang made it his mission to enhance healthcare worldwide and had a strong desire to spread his knowledge and expertise. Back in 1984, he established the Victor Chang Foundation. The foundation's main goal is to provide grants that enable surgeons from Southeast Asia to come to St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney and receive training in advanced cardiac surgery, particularly in heart transplants. Additionally, grants are awarded to initiatives that seek innovative solutions in cardiac surgery.

In memory of Dr. Zhang, the research center was founded in 1994 and given his name. The center continues to show their commitment to discovering cures, ways to stop and diagnose cardiovascular illnesses.

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