Dr Michael Mosley: Post-mortem finds presenter died of natural causes, police say

Dr Michael Mosley

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Dr Mosley's remains were discovered in the vicinity of Agia Marina on the island of Symi in Greece.

According to information received by the BBC, the first medical examination conducted on Dr Michael Mosley's body has determined that he passed away due to natural reasons.

The dead body of the TV host was discovered in a stony location on the Greek island of Symi on Sunday, which was four days after he disappeared.

The initial examination of the deceased performed by Konstantia Dimoglidou, a spokesperson for the Greek police, revealed that there were no injuries on his body that could have resulted in his death.

The moment when Dr Mosley passed away was approximately at 4:00 PM (2:00 PM British Standard Time) on Wednesday, the day he disappeared.

According to Ms Dimoglidou, the preliminary assumption that Dr Mosley passed away due to natural causes was established by considering the position of his body and the absence of any physical harm.

A request has been made to obtain a toxicology analysis and a histology analysis.

The CCTV footage observed by the BBC seems to indicate that Dr Mosley went out of sight while descending a hill near the location where his remains were later discovered.

The video, captured close to the Agia Marina beach bar, is the final recorded footage of Dr Mosley.

The man who was 67 years old and had four kids went for a walk on Wednesday at approximately 13:30 local time (11:30 BST) after leaving Agios Nikolaos beach. However, he was later reported missing.

The Greek officials carried out a thorough investigation to find Dr Mosley during a period of hot weather.

According to the PA news agency, the staff at a bar were alerted by the island's mayor who "noticed something" near the bar's fence. The bar manager's body was later discovered.

According to a law enforcement official who spoke to BBC News, the deceased had passed away "several days ago."

A journalist from the BBC has pointed out the location where a dead person was discovered.

On Sunday, Dr. Clare Bailey Mosley, the wife of Dr. Mosley, stated that their family has found solace in the fact that he came extremely close to achieving his goal.

Dr. Bailey Mosley announced that although he accomplished a remarkable climb, he unfortunately went the wrong way and ended up collapsing in an area that was difficult for the extensive search team to find.

She expressed her admiration for her spouse, who was not only an amazing individual, but also someone who had a great sense of humor, showed kindness towards others and was exceptionally intelligent. This was particularly meaningful after she received the heart-wrenching news that his remains had been discovered.

Dr. Bailey Mosley expressed that they were fortunate to have lived a great life together.

"We had a deep love for one another and were filled with joy whenever we were together."

On Monday, Dr Mosley was remembered by a number of people, including Lord Tom Watson who used to be the second-in-command of the Labour Party. Lord Watson shared new words of appreciation for Dr Mosley.

"He definitely transformed my existence. He provided me the realization that I wasn't flawed," according to Mr. Watson. In 2018, he declared that he had "reversed" his type 2 diabetes by following a healthy diet and exercising regularly while speaking with BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

Dr Mosley completed his medical studies in London and became a qualified medical professional. For the past 20 years, he has been involved in various activities such as presenting, creating documentaries, writing articles as a journalist, and authoring books.

He gained fame for his television shows such as Trust Me, I'm a Doctor and the podcast Just One Thing on BBC Radio 4. Additionally, he penned articles for the newspaper the Daily Mail.

Mr. Mosley supported intermittent fasting diets, which included the 5:2 diet and The Fast 800 diet.

During an interview on BBC's Breakfast program, Dr Saleyha Ahsan shared that she was initially very scared to take on her role as a co-presenter on Trust Me, I'm a Doctor, alongside Dr Mosley. However, she quickly felt more comfortable in her position as he was able to make her feel at ease from the beginning.

She said: "The demeanor and approachability he displays on television is just how he was in person."

He accomplished remarkable feats in the field of medicine and public health, which I believe are unparalleled by most others.

. He gained fame as a television personality by promoting the 5:2 diet, and was featured on programs such as Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery and Trust Me I'm a Doctor.

Lord Watson reminisced about the instance when he initially perused a book by Dr Mosley and expressed that it felt as though a sudden illumination had occurred in his existence.

He expressed that he recently became an avid admirer of this person's body of work. Throughout the passing of time, this individual has sustained his admiration and has assisted numerous individuals, including himself.

Excellent journalism involves the ability to simplify complicated scientific concepts, as adeptly demonstrated by the individual in question.

According to Dr Chris van Tulleken, a science presenter who collaborated with Dr Mosley in the past, Dr Mosley has created a completely new type of broadcasting throughout his professional life.

He stated that the work of Dr. Mosley has had a subtle influence on his daily habits, causing him to try new things such as intermittent fasting and even attempting to brush his teeth while balancing on one foot.

On BBC Radio 4's Today programme, he stated that the individual was providing accessible equipment for the masses at an affordable price point.

In a statement, Calypso Haggett, who is Dr. Mosley's business partner and holds the position of chief executive at The Fast 800 weight-loss plan, expressed that he is a role model for the entire team.

Ms Haggett expressed her gratitude for having the opportunity to know Michael in both a professional and personal capacity. She asserted that he was unique in every sense of the word and that his absence will be felt deeply by all who knew him.

Michael has created a remarkable inheritance, which I believe will persist and inspire an ongoing campaign for improved well-being.

The officials in Downing Street stated that Dr Mosley will be recognized as an exceptional presenter who employed his authority to impact and transform our attitudes towards a variety of health concerns that affect the public.

At 1:30 PM local time (11:30 AM BST) on Wednesday, Dr. Michael Mosley departs from his spouse Clare at Agios Nikolaos beach and begins a stroll.

At 1350 hours, a gentleman was captured on Pedi's CCTV carrying an umbrella.

In 1357, the identical gentleman was spotted once more at the marina of Pedi, as he travelled towards the north-east.

Thursday at 11:15, the police were unsuccessful in locating the host, therefore they contacted Athens for support and asked the Greek fire department for help.

At 1400 hours, the Greek fire department made it to Symi with a squad of six firefighters and a crew of drone experts.

and rescue missions. In the year 1900, a type of aircraft called a helicopter was utilized to support efforts in searching for and rescuing individuals. This aircraft would have likely been a groundbreaking advancement in aviation technology during that time period.

On Friday, individuals went underwater around Symi to assist with the exploration efforts.

On Saturday at 6am, firefighters began searching for Dr Mosley once again.

On Sunday, law enforcement officials discovered a corpse while searching for Dr. Mosley.

Do you have any recollections of Michael Mosley? In what ways did his healthcare contributions positively impact your existence?

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