Abbott becomes Mother of the House and Hoyle back as Speaker as MPs meet

Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott has been named Mother of the House, which is the title given to the female MP who has served the longest without interruption. This appointment was made as the Parliament assembled last week to choose a Speaker.

The experienced Labour MP from Hackney North and Stoke Newington in north London participated in the official ceremonies with Father of the House Sir Edward Leigh to start the new parliamentary session on Tuesday.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle honored her before being re-elected as Speaker, saying: "You have dedicated 37 years of service and shattered numerous barriers during that time."

Abbott, who won her first election in 1987, was the pioneer Black woman to be elected as a Member of Parliament.

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An experienced left-leaning politician was a strong supporter of Jeremy Corbyn while he was in charge. She held the position of Shadow Home Secretary from 2016 to 2020, but faced controversy when she was suspended until the beginning of the election campaign.

During his inaugural address to the House as Prime Minister, Keir Starmer also praised Abbott. He mentioned that she had made significant contributions throughout her career to advocate for a Parliament that reflects the diversity of present-day Britain.

Starmer commended the varied makeup of the new parliament, pointing out that it is the most diverse in terms of race and gender in the nation's past. He also mentioned that it boasts the highest number of LGBT+ MPs compared to any other parliament globally.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle was once again chosen as the Speaker of the House of Commons, being officially re-elected to the position.

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Not long after, Hoyle was voted in again as Speaker of the House of Commons even though he had been involved in a recent dispute over Gaza votes. Two colleagues guided him towards the Speaker's Chair in accordance with parliamentary custom.

The former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak later appeared at the dispatch box as the leader of the opposing party for the first time.

He also praised Abbott, recognizing her important contributions to the House and the inspiration she has been for many young women of color. While they may have different views on policies, he acknowledged her significant role and impact.

He also praised Starmer. "We might have strong disagreements in politics, but we should still show respect towards each other. We all have the same goal of serving our constituents and our country, and promoting the principles we believe in with integrity."

Abbott praised Lindsay Hoyle for being elected as Speaker again, noting that he has navigated difficult times with poise, skill, and fairness.

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