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Dementia: Reducing this risk factor may help prevent cognitive decline - new study

DEMENTIA details a group of related symptoms linked to an ongoing cognitive decline. There are many different factors that can cause the development of this syndrome. However, researchers have identified a new risk factor that if reduced could help preven

Over the 10-year study period, dementia was detected in 1,762 people, revealing a high degree of frailty before the diagnosis to be a risk factor.

In fact, the evidence suggests that frailty seems to more than double the risk of cognitive decline.

Lead author Dr David Ward said: "We're seeing increasing evidence that taking meaningful action during life can significantly reduce dementia risk.

"Our research is a major step forward in understanding how reducing frailty could help to dramatically improve a person's chances of avoiding dementia, regardless of their genetic predisposition to the condition.

“This is exciting because we believe that some of the underlying causes of frailty are in themselves preventable,” he added.

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