Stephen Mulhern prompts very mixed reaction from Deal Or No Deal viewers as he makes debut as host...

Deal or No Deal

On Monday, Stephen Mulhern appeared as the new presenter of the revamped version of ITV's Deal Or No Deal, causing different reactions amongst the audience.

Back in January of this year, it was revealed that Stephen, who is 46 years old, is planning to revive the game show Deal Or No Deal. This comes after the show was cancelled by Channel 4 six years ago.

Being broadcasted on both ITV1 and ITVX, the show features participants competing against the infamous Banker for an opportunity to win an immense sum of money, all while facing a thrilling challenge of controlling their emotions and relying on their instincts.

Every week, a participant will face 22 boxes that are sealed, with each one containing a distinct sum of cash.

The player has to remove the boxes without any prior knowledge about their content. As the game progresses, the boxes are opened one by one, revealing the monetary value inside.

Stephen Mulhern received a varied response from the audience when he began his new role as the presenter of the revived version of Deal Or No Deal on ITV this Monday.

Return: Stephen, who is now 46 years old, announced in January that he plans to bring back Deal Or No Deal. The popular game show was cancelled by Channel 4 six years ago.

The player is feeling increasing pressure when the well-known Banker presents an enticing proposal to trade cash for whichever item may be concealed in their container.

If the bigger money rewards are still not picked, the Banker's proposals will increase. However, if a grand money prize appears, the scenario can shift drastically.

Noel Edmonds used to host Deal Or No Deal since its debut in 2005. The show later concluded in August 2016 after airing for 13 seasons.

Stephen presented the show on Monday for the first time and numerous viewers shared their views on his performance via Twitter.

A dissatisfied viewer of the show expressed their thoughts by saying: 'I thought it was impossible to find a more disliked host than Noel Edmonds for the new season of #DealOrNoDeal, but it turns out they have now chosen Stephen Mulhern.'

Yet, a content viewer expressed: 'Stephen Mulhern is the ideal host for this show. I was pleasantly reminded of how much I adored it.'

Another person expressed that Stephen Mulhern outperforms Noel Edmonds on #DealOrNoDeal.

Another individual expressed their admiration, saying, 'This is amazing! Additionally, I have a major crush on Stephen Mulhern, I've had it for a while now x.'

Reflections: On Monday, Stephen took on the responsibility of hosting the show for the very first time. As a result, numerous audience members took to Twitter to share their thoughts on his performance.

"One frustrated television viewer stated that they can't tolerate Stephen Mulhern."

Another user commented that Deal Or No Deal was trending and Stephen Mulhern was apparently the host. The person stated that they would not watch the show because Mulhern is irritating and ubiquitous. #DealOrNoDeal.

Another person wrote: 'I was expecting Stephen Mulhern to have the same level of camaraderie as Noel Edmonds, but it seems to be missing. Furthermore, the banker is proposing very unappealing deals.'

Another individual expressed, 'I confess, Stephen Mulhern being appointed as the fresh presenter for Deal Or No Deal is perhaps the most brilliant notion that itv has conjured in a while.'

Somebody else expressed their opinion by stating, 'I seem to be the only individual who perceives Stephen Mulhern as an uninteresting host! X.'

When Stephen's new job as a host for a brand-new series was officially announced in March of this year, he expressed his excitement by saying, "I can't believe the incredible opportunity I've been given. I'm so thrilled to be a part of this new project."

I've been a big admirer of the programme for a long time now. In fact, I've even been rehearsing using little cereal containers at home!

Although it appears to be uncomplicated, it is an extremely captivating game that can engage both the players and those observing from their homes.

The TV show is simply a game: It is broadcasted on ITV1 and ITVX and involves participants competing against the well-known Banker. The goal is to win a substantial amount of money that could change their life.

This is one of the most amazing productions ever, and being selected as the new host is a privilege! I'm eagerly anticipating beginning my work.

Stephen, who is a TV host, is well recognized for being the face of In For A Penny, also hosting Catchphrase, and is an essential member of the team behind Saturday Night Takeaway at ITV.

The TV show "Deal or No Deal" was popular for over ten years, but towards the end of its run, it started to lose viewership.

During its prime in 2006, the show was able to captivate and entice over three million viewers. However, towards the conclusion of its broadcast, it had a tendency to only bring in an audience of about 300,000 per episode.

Noel hosted approximately 3,000 episodes of the program starting in 2005. On the show, participants can earn cash prizes by choosing one of 22 red boxes containing varying amounts.

He distributed a total of £40 million in prize money, but only a minority of eight participants managed to win the £250,000 grand prize.

Noel stated in a print interview before it was dismissed in 2016 that he wasn't sure if it would be captured again. He declared that if it was indeed the end, he had a remarkable ten years.

Earlier this month, Stephen disclosed that Noel had expressed his best wishes for Stephen to assume the presenting responsibility on Deal Or No Deal.

The magician shared that he had recently done a show at a exclusive event where a gentleman unexpectedly appeared on the stage wearing an attire resembling that of Gandalf from the famous movie series, Lord of the Rings.

Reported by the Mirror, Stephen expressed his concern and anxiety as he did not know the intentions of the person who approached him with a large stick. The unknown person requested a conversation, but used the phrase "Deal or No Deal" instead.

In this blog section, Stephen shared that he received good wishes and advice from Noel Edmonds, a previous host on the game show. Noel Edmonds, who is 74 years old, was kind enough to support Stephen in his new role.

As he removed his mask, I was shocked to discover that it was actually Noel Edmonds! I couldn't believe it. It turned out that he was acquainted with the person hosting the party.

Stephen shared that Noel offered him his best wishes on his new position and provided some guidance on how to host the game show.

He stated that Noel had informed him that when the show was first introduced to the UK, the initial plan was to focus on the financial aspect and the packaging, similar to how it is done in America. However, Noel objected and emphasized that the show should revolve around the people. This reasoning resonated with him.

You can catch Deal Or No Deal airing on ITV1 and ITVX every weekday starting at 4pm.

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