Deal Or No Deal: How fans feel about Stephen Mulhern as Noel Edmonds replacement

Deal or No Deal

Fans of Deal Or No Deal have a strong affinity for Stephen Mulhern, who is well-liked as the show's host on ITV.

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What Have You Overlooked?

The show Deal or No Deal has returned to TV after a hiatus of seven years. However, Stephen Mulhern is now hosting the revived version, replacing original host Noel Edmonds.

Up until now, the audience has been really enjoying Mulhern's appearance as the fresh host of the timeless gameshow, describing him as "flawless" for the position.

The What, How, And Why?

After a long absence of seven years, Deal Or No Deal finally returned to our regular daytime TV programs on Monday with a new version on ITV.

The TV program not only ended on Channel 4 but it has also returned without its previous host, Noel Edmonds.

The audience of the game show love Stephen Mulhern.

The new host of a certain program is now Stephen Mulhern, who is well-known from ITV. Although it's a tough job to take over, many viewers are satisfied with his performance so far.

Richard Osman, who is known as the king of TV game shows, also expressed his support for Mulhern. Osman shared his thoughts on social media platform X, commenting that Mulhern is an excellent host for the new season of #DealOrNoDeal, and he was the perfect choice for the job.

One person left a comment about X saying: "I am really enjoying watching Stephen Mulhern on #DealOrNoDeal. Even though Noel was great, Stephen is doing a great job with the show's reboot!"

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Another person expressed their agreement by saying, "Although it's still in its early stages, I am thoroughly enjoying it thus far. I foresee it achieving great success and becoming another television hit, primarily due to the fact that @StephenMulhern is the host."

One more supporter said: "I was uncertain about how well this show would go without the iconic Noel. Thankfully, I appreciate @StephenMulhern."

Edmonds was the main character of the entertainment "Deal Or No Deal" from its beginning in 2005 until its last episode aired in 2016. He was closely associated with the program and became a recognizable figure for many viewers.

However, it appears that Mulhern has managed to impress numerous viewers who were thrilled to witness its return on television.

A person shared their thoughts about the TV show #DealOrNoDeal, expressing their enjoyment and appreciation for the phrase "it's up to you" used on the show. They also complimented Stephen Mulhern, who they believe is a perfect host for the show.

Back in 2007, Catherine Tate teamed up with Noel Edmonds to film a special episode of Deal Or No Deal for Red Nose Day. (Photo courtesy of Comic Relief/Getty Images)

Another person stated: "I absolutely loved the old edition of #DealOrNoDeal on Channel 4 hosted by Noel Edmonds. Now, @StephenMulhern is already off to a great start with his rapport with the contestants, and the atmosphere in the studio is upbeat. As a viewer, I'm getting a great sense of positivity from the show. It's wonderful to see DOND back on television!"

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Another person shared their opinion, saying: "It's great to see #DealOrNoDeal back on television! And @StephenMulhern is absolutely ideal for the show!!"

Still, there were some individuals who hadn't quite gotten over the absence of Edmonds. In fact, one person expressed their feelings by stating, "While Stephen Mulhern is alright, you can't help but realize just how exceptional Noel Edmonds was. The guy was a truly outstanding host."

What's New For Stephen Mulhern?

It appears that Mulhern is excelling in his role as a host, as he is reportedly being considered as a replacement for Phillip Schofield in the upcoming season of Dancing On Ice.

Mulhern, who is 46 years of age, had previously presented a spin-off program called Defrosted. In an interview with MailOnline, he expressed that he had a great time filling in for Schofield on the main show during his absence due to Covid. Mulhern further stated that being back with Holly was a wonderful experience and they both had a great time working together.

He mentioned that he may be the new host for Dancing On Ice, but nothing has been officially decided yet. If he does get the job, it would be fantastic, but if not, he's not too worried. He assured listeners that he would inform them if anything changes.

The list of performers is the strongest it has been in a couple of years...I am staying updated on the list, just in case...It is a notable tradition that has endured over time.

The television program known as "Deal Or No Deal" is broadcasted on ITV network during weekdays at 4pm.

"Discover Stephen Mulhern - Learn More!"

According to a recent report by Bang Showbiz, it is believed that Stephen Mulhern could be taking over from Phillip Schofield on Dancing On Ice. This news has been circulating in the press and has garnered attention from fans of the show. If this rumor is true, it will be interesting to see how Stephen Mulhern fills the shoes of the renowned presenter Phillip Schofield.

Noel Edmonds played a joke on Stephen Mulhern, which turned out to be a great help to the new host of Deal Or No Deal. This was reported in the News Shopper in a brief article that can be read in just two minutes.

According to a 2 minute read on Bang Showbiz, Stephen Mulhern, the new host of Deal Or No Deal, has gained the support of Noel Edmonds.

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