‘I honest to God believe I was drugged’: magician David Copperfield’s alleged victims speak out

David Copperfield

David Copperfield is a well-known magician who is famous for his mind-boggling illusions and tricks. He has been entertaining audiences around the world for many years with his incredible performances. David Copperfield is popular for his ability to make things disappear and reappear, levitate objects, and even walk through walls. He has won numerous awards for his contributions to the field of magic and has become an inspiration to many aspiring magicians around the globe. David Copperfield's performances are a must-see for anyone who loves magic and entertainment.

As adolescents in the early 1990s, encountering David Copperfield, the acclaimed magician, appeared to be the ultimate excitement for two 15-year-old girls.

According to Carla, she still vividly recalls Copperfield passing on his phone number to her following one of his shows in Georgia back in 1991. Meanwhile, Lily shares that she was overcome with excitement when the renowned magician selected her to participate in one of his tricks during a performance in San Francisco around two years later.

During their high school years, the two girls went to see Copperfield's performances with their parents.

The ladies, who are now in their forties, have diverse backgrounds and haven't conversed with one another previously. However, they all assert that the aftermath of their encounters had a significant impact on their lives.

Carla states that she was subjected to "grooming" by Copperfield for a period of over two years. She recounts how he would send her messages and presents, such as a stuffed animal and a balloon for Valentine's Day when she was 16. One note that was found with a photo of the gifts states: "I will return in 2 years."

According to Carla, she had sexual relations with Copperfield when she reached 18 years of age. The age gap between them was significant as he was more than double her age. Copperfield's legal representatives rejected the notion that he had prepared Carla for the sexual relationship and stated that their affiliation was mutually agreed upon.

According to Lily, Copperfield touched her breasts during a magic trick performance right in front of her father and sister who were stunned and shocked, having witnessed the incident from the front row. Lily also divulges that she had recurring bad dreams for many years wherein Copperfield was always using his magical abilities on her.

According to an investigation by Guardian US, Copperfield has been accused by 16 women of engaging in inappropriate behavior and sexual misconduct. The two mentioned are included in this group of accusers.

The accusations cover a time period of forty years, beginning from the 1980s and continuing until 2014. Over half of these women claim that they were below eighteen years of age at the time of the reported events. Among them are Carla and Lily, who maintain that they were only fifteen years old.

It can't be confirmed if the magician was aware of Carla and Lily's precise ages during their encounter.

When questioned about the accusations, legal representatives for David Copperfield rejected all claims of ill conduct and unsuitable behaviour. The lawyers of Copperfield conveyed that he has "never once acted improperly with anyone, particularly not with minors".

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The Guardian US is investigating these claims as a component of a collection of articles that has relied on conversations with over 100 individuals and scrutiny of legal and law enforcement documents acquired via requests made under the Freedom of Information Act.

The accusations against Copperfield involve assertions that he administered drugs to three women prior to engaging in sexual acts with them, causing them to be incapable of providing consent.

There are three additional females who are claiming that he touched them inappropriately while he was performing in front of many people. In a separate incident, a young lady stated that Copperfield took hold of her hand and put it on his buttocks, making her squeeze it. This all happened when she was only 16 years old and her family was there watching it all unfold.

Some people argue that Copperfield acted in a manner that they now view as unsuitable. These females, who were between 15 and 19 years old when they first encountered him, alleged that Copperfield persisted in attempting to connect with them despite their age and the power dynamic that existed between them.

A few of the females had shared their accusations before. The majority are now sharing their stories publicly for the initial time by speaking to the Guardian.

When questioned by The Guardian about the claims made against him, Copperfield's lawyers refuted any wrongdoing and called the accusations against him baseless. They added that there have been several unfounded allegations made against him previously, but none have been substantiated. It's important to note that he has never been accused of any criminal wrongdoing.

According to the attorney's statements, going against women with improper behavior "contradicts his beliefs and strong efforts." The lawyers clarified that Copperfield has always been a big supporter of women's rights even before the #MeToo movement promoted women to share their experiences of sexual misconduct and exploitation in the workforce and their daily routine.

Not long after the Guardian contacted Copperfield for clarification regarding the accusations, two women who were extensively interviewed by the Guardian reporters declared their desire to retract their claims of sexual misconduct against Copperfield from the story.

At first, they allowed their actual names and pictures to be utilized, and the Guardian cross-checked their anecdotes by conversing with their acquaintances and relations.

The Guardian opted to not disclose specifics of their claims, but instead chose to openly communicate with their audience regarding their inquiries.

In one instance, there was a young lady who was reportedly 15 years old when the incident occurred, as relayed by individuals close to her. The other woman involved was in her twenties.

They have always stood behind their accusations without any uncertainty. Copperfield refuted both claims through his legal representatives.

The situations related to their appeals bring up doubts about whether both of these ladies have talked about probable financial agreements with Copperfield or his legal representatives. Gloria Allred, a lawyer from California who is recognized for representing women who have been victimized by influential men, affirmed that she is standing in for one of the two women. According to the woman, Allred had contacted her earlier this year regarding representing her and had talked about the prospect of reaching a settlement with her.

In the past few years, Allred has faced negative feedback for arranging settlements for those impacted by sexual misconduct. These agreements often involve NDAs, which prevent the public from finding out about the wrongdoing. Despite receiving criticism, Allred has stood up for the practice, saying that it's important for women's well-being as it enables them to pay for therapy and also allows them to maintain their privacy and move on from the situation.

Even though the use of NDAs in sexual misconduct cases has received a lot of negative feedback since #MeToo movement started, professionals claim that it is still used frequently. Zelda Perkins, an advocate against the use of NDAs, had to break hers to speak up against Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood producer. Perkins states that women are often placed in a challenging position with settlements where they have to select between staying quiet and accepting compensation or taking a stand and speaking out.

Allred chose not to provide any comment regarding whether she had facilitated a resolution between her client and Copperfield. The second female, who had requested the removal of her accusations, refused to disclose if she had been presented with a settlement offer. She cited being unable to discuss any details as the reason for her secrecy.

When asked if Copperfield has ever attempted to settle or compensate individuals who have accused him of sexual misconduct, his legal advisors chose not to respond. They explained that the magician would not engage in what they perceive as a search by reporters for information.

David Copperfield's achievements in show business have been extraordinary and have stood the test of time.

David Kotkin was an only child who was born in Metuchen, New Jersey in 1956. He pursued a career as an entertainer from a young age because he wanted to overcome his shyness. When he was just 10 years old, he became a ventriloquist, and by the time he was 12 years old, he had already started performing magic tricks. At the age of 18, he even landed the lead role in a musical called "The Magic Man".

The Society of American Magicians has accepted someone who is the youngest member to ever join. This individual is known for being the most lucrative magician in history, with an approximate net worth of $1 billion.

According to Forbes, in 2018 he was listed as the seventh richest American celebrity, ranking just behind Kylie Jenner, and ahead of Sean “Diddy” Combs. Currently, he continues to put on approximately 500 shows annually at his residence located in the MGM Grand hotel-casino in Las Vegas.

During his prime, his incredible stunts left the audience spellbound. Copperfield was particularly celebrated for his skill of making the Statue of Liberty disappear. He also appeared to levitate above the Grand Canyon, passed through the Great Wall of China and voyaged over Niagara Falls in a blazing raft.

Because of his consistent tours and the many TV specials he has won Emmy Awards for, he has become a renowned figure in households across the globe.

His profession has encountered certain disputes, as highlighted by his attorneys. Nonetheless, it is still a career he pursues.

Back in the year 2007, Lacey Carroll came into contact with Copperfield when she attended one of his shows. She later said that Copperfield sexually assaulted and raped her on his private island. Carroll's complaint to the Seattle police department led to the initiation of a thorough FBI investigation which lasted for two years. However, the investigation was suddenly stopped in 2009 with minimal clarification provided.

In the past, specifically six years ago, Brittney Lewis made a claim on The Wrap, a website that reports entertainment news, that David Copperfield administered drugs to her and committed a sexual assault on her. This event occurred after they had met at the Look of the Year modeling competition in Japan back in 1988. During that contest, Copperfield had served as one of the judges.

Copperfield rejected the accusations made by both Carroll and Lewis.

In 2019, The Guardian initiated an inquiry into the purported behavior of Copperfield. As more clues emerged, the investigation gained momentum and intensified over the past year.

The Guardian is aware of the identities of all women presenting accusations, and a few of them have consented to have their names revealed in the Guardian's pieces.

Individuals who wished to remain anonymous have been denoted with an asterisk.

Despite the fact that all the supposed inappropriate behavior occurred prior to the emergence of #MeToo, it was the movement that motivated a multitude of females to come forward and discuss incidents that they have considered disturbing.

A few females who spoke to the Guardian stated that they currently reflect on the purported situations with a greater perception of lucidity.

Over 50% of the women who have made accusations of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior claim to have encountered Copperfield at his performances. They state that they were either selected to join him on stage or approached him for an autograph after the show.

In this article, we will investigate these and other supposed occurrences connected to his shows.

According to interviews with six former employees who worked for Copperfield between the early 1990s and mid-2000s, he often asked his assistants to seek out attractive young female audience members and invite them to come up on stage or spend time with him after the show.

Former staff members claimed that Copperfield would frequently invite women to accompany him to his limousine, hotel, or penthouse, often on multiple occasions throughout the week.

Valerie*, who previously worked as an assistant for Copperfield, claimed that during a tour in 1999, he called for her when he noticed a woman in the audience who caught his attention.

Valerie reported that her boyfriend stood behind her and peeked through the curtain. He then gripped her neck and turned her head to ensure she was looking at the correct woman, and he stated, "That's the one." She experienced anxiety and unease, but was thankful when the woman accompanied her partner to meet Copperfield following the performance.

According to Valerie, Copperfield advised her to guarantee that only females are present when meeting him in the future. She was in her late twenties at that time, and Valerie claimed that she became more and more disturbed by Copperfield's conduct towards women and teenage girls during her 18-month employment. The situation was so alarming that she opted to leave her job the next year and repay her holiday bonus for violating her agreement.

Valerie recalled that women were always moving in and out of the place. Although she never saw anyone arriving or leaving against their will, she sensed that something was not right about the power dynamics. Most of the women seemed very young.

Copperfield's legal team stated that they had no knowledge of Valerie's reasons for quitting and that Copperfield did not behave as Valerie has accused.

Sophie*, a person who had previously worked as an assistant to the magician during the early 2000s, has shared her worries about what she believes to be Copperfield's inappropriate attraction towards young women who would come backstage after the shows. As time went on, she grew more and more uneasy about the situation and started to take action. Sophie began to inquire about the ages of the young female audience members who were chosen to meet Copperfield and advised those who were under the age of 18 to return to their families.

According to a number of ex-staffers who used to work under Copperfield, there was no sign of their former employer partaking in any sort of sexual misconduct or improper behavior. One of them even went as far as to speak highly of the illusionist. Rock Monroe, Copperfield's previous security manager, who was in the magician's employ between 1989 and 1994, commended his old boss and assured the Guardian that he never observed anything strange in Copperfield's conduct towards women.

In a written statement, Linda Faye Smith, an executive assistant who worked for Copperfield between 1990 and 1994, stated that David never engaged in any inappropriate behavior with anyone, regardless of their gender. Furthermore, according to her, she did not hear any complaint about him during her time working for him.

"Coming Back Soon"

The Guardian recently chatted with five ladies who claimed that Copperfield had conversed with them and their relatives on the telephone during their teenage years, specifically during the late 80s and early 90s. However, Copperfield's legal team has denied such allegations. Nowadays, these women perceive those interactions as unsuitable.

Carla, who was 15 years old and had attended one of his shows, claims that Copperfield encountered her and her mother as they walked to their car in the parking lot after the show in Savannah, Georgia, in 1991. She says that Copperfield noticed her while he was heading towards his tour bus.

Earlier that night, Copperfield invited her up on stage to participate in one of his illusions. During their interaction, he inquired about her age and plans for the evening, as she recollects. In an attempt to appear more mature, she thinks she may have fibbed about her true age, stating she was 16. Nevertheless, her legitimate birthday was just a few months away.

According to her, he collected her digits, handed her a business card featuring the label "Magic Dave," and promised to treat her to a meal once she reached the age of 18.

Carla claims that Copperfield contacted her multiple times by sending her gifts and notes, including a promise that he would return "in 2 years". She says that he would also make frequent calls to her family's residence, often at late hours, which necessitated her mother waking her up to talk with him. According to Carla, she was motivated to keep Copperfield's interest in her and found the attention to be both thrilling and exciting due to her lack of experience.

According to Carla, she received tickets to Copperfield's shows twice before she reached the age of 18. Her mother and grandmother also joined her during those events. Recently, she shared the physical evidence of the ticket stubs and their schedule entry with The Guardian.

Following a performance she was in at the age of 17, Carla declares that Copperfield requested her company in his limo. It is possible that Copperfield was not sure of her age at the time. Carla claims that he proceeded to kiss her and move her head towards his private region, indicating that she should perform oral sex. Despite not being coerced, she recollects being uneasy as she had no prior experience in the matter.

Carla has shared that when she became an adult, Copperfield - who is 19 years older than her - engaged in sexual intercourse with her. This was her first experience of that kind. Carla explains to the Guardian that when she was younger, she was enamored with Copperfield because he was widely known. She believes that Copperfield took advantage of this to get what he wanted. Carla wonders why Copperfield would have stayed in touch with her if he didn't intend on making a move once she became 18.

The legal team of Copperfield refuted the accusation of him "grooming" Carla and acting in an inappropriate manner. The lawyers declared that the connection was "completely legal and consensual four years long, three decades ago."

Carla mentioned that her association with Copperfield was "mutual" but she pointed out that there was "a significant difference in power and monetary status".

According to her, she used to be extremely responsive to his needs when he went on tours. His assistants would take her to his hotel room, where she'd wait for him until his show was done. At present, she's of the opinion that he misused his power.

In recent times, Carla's opinions regarding Copperfield have undergone a transformation. She showed admiration for the magician on her social media profiles even as recently as 2018. Carla had a protective instinct toward him and was doubtful of the #MeToo movement.

"She said he was very nice, almost charming, towards my grandmother," she explains. "However, I recently connected the dots and realized that he was manipulating all of us." The Guardian requested an interview with Carla's mother, but she declined due to being too distraught to speak with journalists. In a message to Carla, she expressed, "I'm still struggling to come to grips with David."

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Back in the early 1990s, a young lady named Gillian went with her friends to watch a Copperfield performance at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Gillian was in her 20s at the time and joined two other pals, a man named John and another female friend. Their trip was meant for some entertainment. During the show, they occupied front row seats and then, out of nowhere, Copperfield picked Gillian from the crowd to assist him with a magic trick.

Gillian recalls feeling extremely excited after meeting the famous person. It felt unique and unforgettable to be chosen out of numerous individuals to go up on stage.

Later, while standing in queue with her female companion, Gillian was approached by a male assistant. He inquired whether they would like to join Copperfield for a drink after his upcoming performance. Looking back, Gillian realizes that all she really desired was an autograph, and she wishes the evening had concluded at that point.

Two ladies stayed awake till late night and prepared themselves. They waited at the bar until a man escorted them through Copperfield's exclusive elevator, taking them straight to his suite. Gillian remembers that they could have had a single beverage, but they weren't intoxicated when they arrived.

Gillian remembers when Copperfield entered the room while James Taylor's songs were playing. The female guests were handed tiny glasses filled with sambuca. According to three past assistants, they were responsible for keeping a bottle of sambuca readily available in the illusionist's living area.

Following her consumption of the beverage, Gillian claimed that she started to experience peculiar and abnormal physical sensations.

After that moment, everything became unclear to me... I completely lost consciousness for some time, which is something I never do.

According to Gillian, she experienced sexual mistreatment afterward. While intermittently losing consciousness, she recollects being undressed while lying in Copperfield's bed. He and her friend engaged in sexual activity with her, which she believes she was incapable of approving. Similarly, she believes that her friend was also unable to give consent.

"I'm currently 56 years old," expresses Gillian. "There hasn't been a single moment in my life where I didn't recall what happened during that time...I wouldn't openly admit this to anyone unless I genuinely, undoubtedly believed I was given drugs during that period."

Gillian remembered that Copperfield was unfriendly and ordered them to grab their belongings and leave.

Gillian stated that she cannot provide any evidence since she did not inform anyone about what took place or seek medical attention. She chose to keep it a secret to avoid any impact on her life in the future. Furthermore, she admitted that she now cannot bear to listen to James Taylor's music.

John and another individual also confirmed the events described by Gillian.

During the Guardian's interview with John, he mentioned that he had not contacted Gillian lately. Nevertheless, he insists that he can recollect the specifics surrounding the occurrence. According to him, he overheard the women returning to their hotel room the following morning and conversing about how they suspected Copperfield of drugging them. John heard all of this from the neighboring room.

According to his legal representatives, Copperfield refuted the claims made by Gillian. The legal team insisted that there were no such allegations or complaints against him, including at Caesars Palace where he was performing as a resident magician and in other places regarding the supposed wrongdoing. Additionally, the lawyers emphasized that drugs do not play a role in Copperfield's life.

The lawyers representing Copperfield made an accusation against the Guardian newspaper, stating that they were attempting to release a shocking and exaggerated article comprised of groundless historical claims with no substantiated evidence.

Smith, who used to work as Copperfield's top assistant, stated that the idea of David using drugs of any sort is completely absurd. As someone who was responsible for handling his belongings, Smith never came across any drugs or related materials during her time with him.

Copperfield's lawyers shared a statement with The Guardian where Linda Crane, who was a former senior vice-president at Caesar's, stated that she was never informed of any inappropriate behavior by Copperfield. She mentioned that the David she knew had nothing to do with these accusations. She never saw or heard of David offering drugs or alcohol to anyone.

Lily expressed her exhilaration when Copperfield started "gazing" at her and her younger sister Mandy while performing in San Francisco around 1993. Mandy recalls chuckling and speculating on who he would invite to participate on stage.

The father and his family were in the front row watching Copperfield's performances. Similar to millions of people worldwide, they enjoyed watching Copperfield's special TV shows.

When Lily was in her early high school years, around 14 or 15, she was quite taken aback when Copperfield chose her.

As Lily approached the stage, the person in charge instructed her to turn around. Then, he stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her while they both held onto a rope located in front of them. According to Lily, this is what happened.

Lily recounts that when she held the rope, he pushed his forearms against her chest with considerable force while he talked and did the trick.

Lily recalls feeling lost and completely unable to move. She experienced a sense of disgust and humiliation.

Mandy's younger sister was allegedly a victim of unfortunate event and it's a tough topic for Mandy to bring up as she often cries while talking about it. She recalls witnessing the incident where David Copperfield, the famous magician, made inappropriate physical contact with her sibling. Mandy vividly remembers feeling helpless seeing her sister being in an uncomfortable situation and questioned why he would behave this way. According to Mandy's account, Copperfield was making jokes to entertain the audience while physically touching and rubbing her sister's breasts repeatedly, and the audience just laughed along. Her sister appeared to be stuck and unable to leave the situation, as per Mandy's recollection.

The father of the girls, who is currently in his 80s, states that he still regrets not taking action to safeguard his daughter Lily. He desires to have had the courage to climb up on the platform and prevent Copperfield from harming his daughter. However, he initially didn't comprehend the severity of the situation, and he lacked the boldness to speak to Copperfield.

According to Mandy, her elder sibling was greatly affected by the supposed occurrence. Mandy finds it difficult to comprehend the perpetrator's ability to commit such an act, knowing the influence he possessed to perform in front of a large crowd. This occurrence still boggles Mandy's mind to this day.

Lily, who is currently in her forties, revealed that she used to have bad dreams for many years regarding Copperfield using his wizardry on her.

Copperfield's legal team contested the accusation that the "rope trick" included any improper physical contact. They argued that this stunt was executed in front of vast audiences for several years, including an ample amount of on-stage participants and cameras, with constant security surveillance from all directions. His attorneys pointed out that it has never resulted in any complaints, until the recent lawsuit.

The Guardian recently spoke with four women, Lily being one of them, who claim that Copperfield sexually harassed them on stage while they were performing, either touching them inappropriately or making them touch him in a sexual manner.

Around 1996, which was almost three years after Lily's performance, Copperfield chose Olivia as his participant. Olivia was a teenager of 17 years age and was attending the show with her mother and younger brother in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. During that time, Copperfield was very famous and even engaged to supermodel Claudia Schiffer, which was one of Olivia's top inspirations.

Olivia claims that Copperfield guided her onto the stage and engaged in conversation with her while the audience watched. He placed his arm around her while still holding onto her hand, she reports. Olivia further alleges that Copperfield proceeded to place his fingers between her legs from behind and stroke upwards. She says he touched the area between her anus and vagina over her clothing. This caused Olivia to become completely paralyzed with shock.

Olivia compared it to a trick that the crowd might have overlooked because they were too focused on his show. Olivia's mother states that she didn't witness the supposed occurrence. But Olivia remembers overhearing a lady in the first row remark to another lady: "Did he make contact with her?"

After the show, Copperfield whispered to Olivia that she should go backstage.

Olivia, a model and actress hailing from both Canada and the United Kingdom, lodged a report in London during the year 2018. The local police in London conveyed this complaint to the Hamilton Police. According to Olivia, she wanted to document the report for the likelihood of other victims in the incident.

Copperfield's attorneys refuted the accusation and dismissed the notion that he would engage in such misconduct as completely ridiculous.

The Guardian managed to get hold of a document from the police, which talks about a claim of sexual assault. This report lines up with the account that Olivia relayed to the media. Officers scoured the area for any videos of the performance that might provide evidence, but were unsuccessful. Subsequently, Hamilton Police did not take any more steps. A representative for the force confirmed that Copperfield was not questioned, and that the case could potentially be reopened in the future.

Ten years after Olivia's experience, in December 2006, 16-year-old Katie Ring was vacationing with her family in Las Vegas. During a Copperfield performance at the MGM Grand, he chose Ring from the audience and walked with her towards the stage, holding her hand. During their ascent up the stairs, Copperfield put his arm around Ring while still grasping her hand and whispered into her ear to "grab my ass," according to Ring.

According to Ring's claims, Copperfield placed her hand on his buttocks and then pinched it in a way that made her grip his buttock.

When Ring was still a high school junior, he performed a trick that was meant to be visible to the viewers. Copperfield joked and said, "My name is David Copperfield, not David Cop-a-feel!"

In a conversation with the Guardian, Ring, a self-defense coach at 33 years of age, expressed her shame at the situation. She confessed that she was unaware of the severity of the boundary she was crossing during that period.

According to Ring, something upsetting happened, but her parents did not witness it. However, they were shocked when she informed them shortly after. Connie Ring, her mother, took a picture that was viewed by The Guardian. It displays Copperfield holding Ring's hand while they went up the stairs, capturing the moment just before the supposed event.

When Ring was on the stage, Copperfield placed a rose inside her mouth. After that, fog suddenly appeared, and the song "Let's Get It On" played in the background, as Ring remembers. Copperfield then executed a magic trick where he made it seem like he impregnated her. As a result, an image of a sonogram of their supposed baby emerged on the screen.

Her mother recalls the experience as awkward and discomforting.

The lawyers of Copperfield refuted the accusation made by Ring. They stated that the usage of the words "Cop-a-feel" was not done with ill intention or to exploit anyone. Moreover, they also mentioned that their client had not included this phrase in his performances for a long time.

Vegas Police Report

A Copperfield performance was attended by Fallon Thornton at MGM after seven years from Ring. As per Thornton, in January 2014, she was in Vegas to celebrate her 28th birthday when she got selected to be a part of Copperfield's act on stage.

When Copperfield took her hand and escorted her to the stage, he allegedly used his other hand to grab and squeeze her breast while they were walking up the steps. The woman recounted the incident in an interview with the Guardian and expressed disbelief and shock at the situation. She wondered if anyone else had noticed Copperfield's actions, as it had occurred in front of a crowd.

Following the performance, Copperfield complimented her by expressing that she was "quite appealing", according to her statement.

Thornton reported her accusation to MGM Grand a few days after the incident. She sent an email to the company, which was viewed by The Guardian, urging them to conduct a swift investigation. Her message stated that Mr. Copperfield should be held accountable for his misconduct.

At first, the officials from MGM were open and willing to listen to her grievance and gave her guidance on how to proceed with it. However, after that, she asserts that she did not receive much correspondence from them.

According to The Guardian, Thornton lodged a complaint with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, and they were able to obtain a copy of the report. In this report, the purported transgression is identified as "open and gross lewdness."

According to the records of the police, they received a compact disc showcasing the performance from MGM. However, there is no information pertaining to the content of the footage in the official report of the police. When Thornton requested to view the video, she was denied access, as specified in an email reviewed by the Guardian.

The legal team of Copperfield denied the possibility that he could have committed an act of touching a woman in public. They also mentioned that a person in law enforcement confirmed during the incident that the video footage did not depict Copperfield touching the chest region of any attendee. Nonetheless, the legal representatives neglected to disclose the identity of the law enforcement personnel and there exists no documentation of this supposed conversation in the archives that authorities revealed to the Guardian.

The Guardian has asked both the police in Las Vegas and the legal representatives of Copperfield and MGM to provide a copy of the performance video, but their requests have been denied.

The Las Vegas police stated to The Guardian that the case of Thornton was shut down in 2014 due to a lack of evidence. The police reviewed the surveillance, statements, and the entire case, eventually concluding that the allegation was baseless. Copperfield's lawyers were contacted by the police, but no further information was given.

At the age of 38, Thornton is still filled with bitterness about how her claim was disregarded by MGM and the police. She firmly believes that her accusation was not given the significance it deserved.

The MGM resort, where Copperfield still puts on shows frequently, refused to give a statement concerning the purported event that took place in 2014 or any of the claims regarding misconduct or behavior that is deemed inappropriate towards Copperfield.

The Guardian has viewed recordings of Copperfield's performances that can be found online and some of them are uneasy to observe.

In a video of a rope trick that resembles the one Lily claimed to have helped with, Copperfield places the rope around a young woman's legs and pulls it up, causing her mini skirt to ride up towards her upper thighs. The woman attempts to pull the skirt back down and push the rope away, while the audience finds it amusing. Then, Copperfield places a pair of scissors inside his pant waistband, pointing towards his groin, and requests that the woman removes them.

In some of Copperfield's performances from the 1990s and 2000s, he would choose female audience members to join him on stage. He would often hold their hands and lean into them, and on occasion, make suggestive comments that could be viewed as derogatory towards women.

The Guardian has received reports from people who attended Copperfield's shows and claim to have observed or suffered from actions that they now consider as unsuitable.

One of the attendees is Nicole Ehinger, who witnessed a Copperfield performance in Fort Wayne, Indiana back in December 1992 when she was just 17 years old.

According to her, she was leaving her friend's side when a person employed by Copperfield came up to her in the parking area and inquired if she was interested in spending the night with the performer.

The lawyers of Copperfield negated that the team of Copperfield provoked the visitors of the show in such a manner.

"I remember feeling pretty thrilled," Ehinger recalls. Copperfield, who was around 35 at the time, joined them shortly after and asked if he could take her to a club. Ehinger informed him that she was 17 years old and wouldn't be able to enter as she was underage, but Copperfield reassured her that everything was okay.

According to Ehinger, at a lively nightclub, Copperfield and two of his male workers bought her a minimum of one alcoholic beverage. She insists that Copperfield was making advances towards her and he made physical contact with her leg around 10 occasions during the night. Furthermore, he would shift his body weight and rub his leg against hers. However, Copperfield's legal counsel rejected the accusation.

They mentioned: "As per the law, it should be noted that in Indiana, the minimum age for giving consent is 16 years."

Afterwards, Ehinger mentioned that he asked her to come to his hotel, but she refused, and he accepted her decision. Even though Ehinger isn't claiming to be a victim, she recognizes that the situation exposed her to potential harm due to her young age.

"There Are Other Women"

When asked if Copperfield or his representatives had made promises to pay anyone who accused him of wrongdoing, his legal team stated that they were advised that Copperfield reported instances of false accusations to law enforcement that aimed to extort money from him. They also mentioned that their understanding is that Copperfield was advised not to say anything more about the ongoing investigation.

The attorneys refused to disclose the law enforcement organization or any additional details concerning the purported grievance.

Copperfield has accused others of similar things before.

In 2007, when the FBI commenced investigating the accusations of sexual assault put forth by Lacey Carroll against Copperfield, he claimed publicly that she was attempting to blackmail him.

When Jessica Moore, a dancer, came across Carroll's accusations against Copperfield, she felt like sharing her own stories about Copperfield and couldn't resist the urge to speak out.

According to a fellow performer who spoke to the Guardian, Moore, who eventually took on the stage name Shedini as an escape artist, was afraid that speaking up about Copperfield could negatively impact her career. However, because she was a person of great strength and principle, she ultimately chose to do the right thing.

Back in 2007, Shedini claimed to a gossip magazine that Copperfield had "assaulted" her. Even though the article isn't accessible to the public anymore, it was discovered on the WENN Entertainment News Wire Service that had previously re-published it.

In an article, the ex-dancer claimed that when she went to Copperfield's suite for what she believed was a business meeting, he attempted to sexually assault her. He forcefully pushed her against a wall, held her there, and forcibly kissed her while sticking his tongue in her mouth. The incident happened when she was in her early 20s. Copperfield's attorney denied the accusation at that moment.

Her associates claim that the supposed occurrence occurred during the 90s in Copperfield's lodging in Lake Tahoe.

Shedini passed away at the age of 46 in 2017. Across the years, Shedini's daughter Xondria Brown and 12 other friends and performers claim that Shedini had shared details of the alleged incident with them.

Brown remembers clearly the way her mother's demeanor altered when recounting the story of her encounter with Copperfield. "He pressured her into kissing him, but she resisted and left the room," her mother revealed, according to Brown.

According to April Patterson, a friend of Shedini, she confided in her about an incident involving Copperfield that left her very upset. This happened when they went to Walmart and saw his photo on a magazine cover. Another close friend, Brandy Hollenbeck, shares that Shedini used to frequently talk about Copperfield and how he had reportedly violated her, which always got her upset.

The legal representatives of Copperfield find Shedini’s accusation to be absurd. They contend that the deceased performer reached out to Copperfield in a "short time" prior to her death while feeling unwell to express regret for her untrue statement.

A certain lady, who had a sporadic friendship with Shedini, declares that Shedini had contemplated calling individuals whom she might have hurt in the past, including Copperfield, before her demise. The lady, who wishes to remain anonymous, affirms that Shedini did not discuss the supposed occurrence with Copperfield openly with her.

According to Brown, her mother never made an apology call to Copperfield, a claim that she firmly stands by. As someone who shared a strong bond with her mother, Brown asserts that if her mother had contacted the magician, she would have surely confided in her about it.

Twelve friends and colleagues of Shedini who have shared their memories of her have confirmed that they don't believe Shedini ever called Copperfield before her death, nor did they ever hear Shedini mention it. Even if she had contacted him beforehand, they insist that she never changed her story before she passed away.

Brown, who is 31 years old, shared that the supposed incident caused her mother to become more watchful and nurturing towards her. Additionally, it strengthened Brown's resolve to always have company when navigating places she is unfamiliar with.

In 2007, Shedini's daughter shares that her mother chose to voice her experiences because she felt that there were other women who shared the same struggles.

Jules Metge helped The Guardian with their online research, while Will Craft also provided additional reporting.

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