Dani Dyer hints at wedding plans with Jarrod Bowen as dad Danny gives his blessing

Dani Dyer

Dani Dyer, a celebrity who previously won Love Island, is thinking about getting married. Her dad, Danny Dyer, who is a famous actor from the TV show Eastenders, has already given his approval. The father-daughter duo recently appeared on a TV show called Celebrity Gogglebox.

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In the latest episode that aired on June 7, the topic of conversation centered around the potential marriage of Dani and her partner, footballer Jarrod Bowen. Dani shared insights about her romance with the England and West Ham United player, with whom she shares a pair of one-year-old identical twins named Summer and Star.

The young woman, who was 27 years old, inquired her father: "Dad, what if Jarrod called you and proposed to marry me? What would you do?" Her father responded: "That's a tough question my dear, since you're my eldest offspring. I'd need time to contemplate."

Danny and Dani Dyer are featured on the newest edition of Celebrity Gogglebox, airing on Channel 4.

"Wow, you're excellent at delivering speeches and improvising," exclaimed Dani, praising Danny's talent in delivering a wedding speech. Danny, however, humbly replied that he is only skilled in talking about topics that he feels passionate about. He further mentioned that he has already started preparing for his upcoming speech.

Dani inquired, "Did you really do that?" Danny chuckled and said, "No, don't be ridiculous. I don't want to anticipate anything just to end up in a difficult situation. What if things go wrong?" The mother of three responded, "Imagine if dad found out. We can't go through that again."

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Danny shared what would end his relationship and it has to do with his loyalty to West Ham. He expressed that he only sees a problem if Bowen leaves and switches teams to Tottenham.

Dani Dyer, the significant other of Jarred Bowen from West Ham United, has given some indication about their potential wedding plans- Source: Getty Images.

"If he decides to join Tottenham Hotspur, then there are definitely some problems. Otherwise, I don't mind what other choices he makes."

Dani got to know her soccer player partner while being a lone parent to Santiago. She splits custody of her son with her previous beau Sammy Kimmence, who used to pretend to be a financial advisor and stole over £30,000 from elderly people, landing him in prison. Santi, who is now three years old, has become an older sibling to Dani and Jarrod's matching twin girls born in May 2023.

Talking about her experience of falling in love while adapting to being a single mother, Dani expressed, "When Santi was around eight months old, I came to the realization that if you happen to meet the perfect partner, they can make the whole process feel extremely effortless."

The celebrity has also been very honest about the challenges of being in a relationship with a professional soccer player who has a packed schedule, while also managing their little ones.

Talking about how she deals with the situation, she recently confessed: "In my opinion, you simply develop ways to handle it. The children always keep me occupied, but it is certainly difficult and I tend to become a little too attached when he's around."

Last November, the couple marked their second anniversary, and her father had expressed his admiration for his potential son-in-law in the past.

When discussing his daughter's past relationships, the tough-looking actor confessed that she had introduced him to some undesirable characters in the past. However, he was relieved when she finally brought Jarrod home, who he described as an impressive and outstanding gentleman.

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