India vs Australia LIVE: ICC Cricket World Cup final updates from Ahmedabad

Cricket World Cup

David Beckham and India's cricket superstar Virat Kohli came together before the World Cup's semi-final clash.

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On Sunday, India and Australia are set to battle it out at the 2023 Cricket World Cup final with a hope to come out victorious. For India, it will be their first time winning a significant ICC international tournament since 2011.

Throughout history, Australia has been the strongest team in the tournament, and Pat Cummins' squad has made it to their eighth ODI World Cup final following a grueling victory against South Africa.

India is the clear leader going into the match, having easily defeated all opponents in the tournament. They remained undefeated in all nine group matches and had a smooth victory in the semi-finals against New Zealand, showcasing their exceptional skills in both batting and bowling.

The arena is ready for a big game, and it's going to be held at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. This stadium can accommodate 132,000 people, and most of them will be backing India. With such massive support, the Indian team might feel pressured, but they have not let it affect them at all in the tournament so far.

Rohit Sharma and his squad have an opportunity to make a name for themselves in the annals of history. However, their path to victory is blocked by a highly-skilled Australian team, who have demonstrated resilience and perseverance ever since they were defeated by India in the initial round. One of the highlights of their inspiring performance is their triumph over Afghanistan, which was led by the exceptional Glenn Maxwell.

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India Struggles At 215-8 With Suryakumar At 14 And Yadav At 1 While Zampa Claims 1-44 In 10 Overs

Zampa's bowling came to an end as he managed to take only one wicket and conceded 44 runs in his 10 overs.

Bumrah Dismissed For 1 Run By Zampa - India At 214-8

It's Zampa's turn to bowl the final over. Sadly, there hasn't been much excitement or action to get the audience pumped up since the start of the game.

To increase their chances of winning, India has to score more points in this game.

Oh, it's another wicket gone! Bumrah was caught lbw by Zampa and he didn't even bother to review it. He only managed to score one run.

Sonia Twigg posted a blog on November 19, 2023, at 11:57.

India Struggle At 213-7 With Suryakumar's 13, Bumrah's 1, And Starc's 3-49 In 44 Overs

Bumrah has taken the baton as a new player. He was able to score a single point, but India is currently facing hardship.

The over produced two runs and one wicket.

Shami Dismissed For 6 Runs By Starc's Catch - India At 211-7

Starc is up to bowl his second-last over now. The first two balls have been hit for no runs.

The camera was trying to spot the few Australians in the midst of the huge crowd that looked mostly blue.

Shami hit a powerful shot, causing the ball to move, but unfortunately it grazed the side of the bat and landed in the hands of the keeper.

Australia has achieved their seventh.

"India Scores 211 For 6 In 43 Overs With Suryakumar Scoring 12, Shami 6 And Cummins Taking 2 Wickets For 27 Runs In 8 Overs."

The topic of conversation revolves around whether or not the accumulation of moisture, known as dew, will influence the outcome of the second half of the game.

Suryakumar was required to don a delivery from Cummins that nearly hit the wickets.

Cummins just completed an over and managed to get four runs. There are still seven overs remaining.

Sonia Twigg posted on her blog at 11:49 AM on November 19, 2023.

India Scores 207-6 In 42 Over Match With Suryakumar At 10 And Starc Taking 2-47 In 8 Overs

As Shami strides onto the pitch, there are only 50 remaining balls in the innings. Although he has been performing brilliantly as a bowler throughout the tournament, his batting skills are not particularly well-known.

However, he managed to break through the boundary barrier to score his first run! He skillfully maneuvered the ball past the wicketkeeper.

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KL Rahul Dismissed For 66: India 203-6

Starc is now the bowler, with only three overs left, while India needs nine runs to win in this game of Cricket World Cup. Starc's first two balls are considered wides, but the Indian team will use every opportunity to gain runs.

The audience has recently hushed down, everyone looks nervous, the banners aren't fluttering, and there are concerns about whether the overall score will be good enough.

India started off strongly, and when Rohit Sharma was batting, it seemed like achieving a score of 300 would be a breeze. However, once he and Virat Kohli were dismissed, scoring runs became difficult for India.

Oh no, KL Rahul just got dismissed for 66! He had played a good game, hitting 66 runs from 107 deliveries. However, Starc's delivery was too magnificent, it swung late and took a sharp turn off the pitch, leading to Rahul's dismissal.

India Reaches 200/5 In 41 Overs With KL Rahul's 66 And Zampa's 0-42 In 9 Overs

In the current cricket game, Zampa is set to throw his ninth ball. India seems to be okay with scoring one run at a time, rather than attempting big hits. KL Rahul has attempted a sweep shot, but unfortunately hasn't been able to succeed in hitting the ball far enough to score a boundary.

India is gradually approaching the 200 mark at this point.

Only three runs have been scored in this over, and it is necessary for India to increase their pace at a certain point.

India Reaches 197-5 In 40 Overs With KL Rahul Scoring 64 And Hazlewood Taking 1-48 In 8 Overs

It's Hazlewood's eighth over now. Although there's not a lot of reverse swing, there's a slight indication of it, which could have an impact on the last part of the inning. We're currently in the final 10 overs of the game.

KL Rahul Shines As India Score 192/5 In 39 Overs Against Zampa's Attack

A new bowler is coming up next, and it's Zampa who will take on the task of bowling. KL Rahul seems to be searching for a boundary, but it's been quite a while, nearly an hour...

KL Rahul has now scored more than 60 runs, and the excitement of the match is building. Suddenly, a boundary shot from Yadav gets the audience on their feet.

Sonia Twigg wrote a blog post on November 19, 2023 at 11:29.

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