India seek immortality in World Cup final against Australia

Cricket World Cup

India has their eyes set on winning the 50-over World Cup for the third time, while Australia seeks to capture their sixth title in the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 final. The event will take place in Ahmedabad on Sunday, November 19 at 08:30 GMT. For sports enthusiasts in the UK, the BBC Radio 5 Sports Extra offers ball-by-ball Test Match Special commentary, while the BBC Sport website and app provide live text commentary and in-play video clips (available only for UK users).

Australia is aware of what is approaching.

It has been 45 days since the start of the World Cup, which has been a lengthy and meandering event. However, today is a significant day because it was always anticipated that India would make it to the end, featured at the world's biggest cricket stadium, with over 100,000 spectators in attendance.

The leader of India, Narendra Modi, who has his name on this large stadium in his birthplace of Ahmedabad, is scheduled to be present.

India has been dominating the tournament by winning all 10 matches played.

Winning their 11th title will ensure that they become the champions of the World Cup for the third time. This will be their first win since 2011 and they will be the only team to have won the championship without losing a single game since the legendary Australians achieved this feat in 2007.

The series of remarkable victories have generated a lot of enthusiasm throughout India, so much so that fans donning blue shirts were seen chanting "India jeetega" upon their arrival at the airport on Friday.

The prices of hotel rooms within the city have significantly increased, amounting to more than two times the usual cost. Furthermore, there is an anticipation of a traffic jam on Sunday morning.

The area surrounding the stadium is lively and bustling a day prior to the game, with countless fake India jerseys being sold on every corner just like when India beat Pakistan earlier in the tournament at Modi Stadium.

Even though Australia might not be a significant political or sporting adversary, the ambiance on Sunday will still be just as biased.

On Saturday morning, Pat Cummins, the captain of Australia, expressed his opinion about the matter by saying that one must accept it.

The audience will clearly have a clear preference, but in sports, there's nothing more rewarding than experiencing a large crowd suddenly fall silent. This is our objective for tomorrow.

Feeling swamped isn't an option.

"To succeed, you must be enthusiastic, passionate, and confident that everything will work out well, no matter what."

During the news conference before the match, Rohit Sharma, the captain of India, remained composed despite the crowded room and distractions of mobile phones. The session lasted for 35 minutes, and the questions were endless, but he managed to stay calm throughout.

When questioned about the burden of ending India's 12-year wait for a major white-ball title, he stated that the primary obstacle for pro athletes is disregarding the stress and concentrating on their job.

As an Indian cricket player, there's a tremendous amount of stress you must handle.

Although India is expected to win, there are still some uncertainties in this final.

A lot of people thought that England would make it to this point again just six weeks ago when they were still ruling the white-ball world. However, things changed when things got hazy and unclear for them.

Instead, supporters of England have a tough decision to make as they must choose between the unstoppable force of cricket or their historic rival. It seems that Australia is the team that India was hoping to avoid, which cannot be ignored.

Australia is aiming to win their sixth World Cup title, which is a feat that no other team has achieved. The likes of Allan Border, Shane Warne, Ricky Ponting and other cricket legends from Australia are admired and respected in this part of the world, as much as they are in their native country.

In a recent event, Australia emerged as the victors in the World Test Championship final against India. This is not the first time Australia has tasted victory in such a tournament; the last time they won was back in 2003 when they faced off against India in the finals.

India has additional motives to be cautious.

About six weeks ago, the World Cup started with a match between these two teams in Chennai. India managed to win easily with a six-wicket lead.

Nonetheless, the game presented enough favorable circumstances for Australia to feel optimistic.

In the beginning of their pursuit, they managed to eliminate most of their opponents, leaving only 2-3 opponents. However, if it weren't for Mitchell Marsh's mistake of dropping Virat Kohli when he was at 12 runs, their opponents would have lost another player, making the score 19-4.

Kohli took advantage of the opportunity (reprieve) and hit 85 runs while partnering with KL Rahul, who remained unbeaten with 97 runs, resulting in a victory for their team.

According to Cummins, our team didn't perform up to par in the first game. However, with just one more catch, we could have been in the lead. Cummins mentioned that our team has been victorious in the past eight games since our loss against South Africa in the second game.

Earlier this year, we achieved success by winning a 2-1 ODI series.

We have had several instances where we have emerged victorious against a highly skilled Indian team, and such moments hold great significance.

Meanwhile, Kohli has taken advantage of the tournament to make sure that his name remains prominent even amidst the Diwali decorations.

Up until this moment, he has achieved 711 runs with an average of 101.57 in 10 matches which consists of three centuries. His most recent accomplishment was his record-breaking 50th hundred in one-day international matches during an unforgettable semi-final on Wednesday.

Kohli must now motivate himself again and face one of his most challenging opponents in Josh Hazlewood.

The bowler from Australia has gotten rid of him on five occasions, only letting him score 51 runs throughout eight matches in the One Day International tournament. This is just one of the many rivalries that could have a significant impact on the outcome of the championship.

People are talking a lot about Rohit's performance when facing left-arm pacers. For instance, Shaheen Shah Afridi from Pakistan took him out during both the 2021 T20 World Cup and this year's Asia Cup. Now, Australia needs to beware of Mitchell Starc who poses a similar threat.

Meanwhile, Australia has achieved triumph by scoring many runs at the beginning of their batting order - although Glenn Maxwell's outstanding double century against Afghanistan is an exception.

However, despite David Warner's impressive track record of scoring two centuries and two half-centuries in the current tournament, he has faced a setback with three dismissals in 10 matches against India's seamer, Mohammed Shami.

If Australia wins, Warner, Cummins, Hazlewood, Starc, Maxwell, Steve Smith, and Mitchell Marsh will get their second World Cup win. On the other hand, Kohli and Ravichandran Ashwin are the only players left from India's 2011 victory.

The players from India could achieve lasting fame in the world of cricket if they manage to win a World Cup on their home turf. Meanwhile, the Australian team could learn from the success of Manchester City and aim for a remarkable treble in 2023.

Winning the 50-over world championship, along with being named world Test champions and keeping the Ashes urn in England, would make for a triumphant year.

Away from the game, the outcome of the final is expected to follow a predetermined plan.

About this matter, we have a rough idea, but we cannot be completely certain about the outcome.

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