Copenhagen vows to rebuild fire-hit stock exchange

Copenhagen Stock Exchange

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The only parts left of Copenhagen's old stock exchange are the outer walls.

Copenhagen Stock Exchange - Figure 1
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Officials have stated that the former stock exchange in Copenhagen, which has suffered from a severe fire, needs to be reconstructed to its previous state. This iconic landmark is well-known in the Danish capital and its restoration is imperative.

The ancient structure was undergoing renovation work when a fire occurred on Tuesday, causing significant damage to its famous spire.

The mayor and district mayors of the city came together to issue a statement declaring that the Stock Exchange is essential and cannot be dispensed with.

Brian Mikkelsen, Director of the Danish Chamber of Commerce made a promise to reconstruct the building "regardless of any obstacles or challenges".

The group currently using the building expressed the events on Tuesday morning as a horrific scene.

The statement from the Mayor of Copenhagen, Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, alongside six other district mayors highlighted the importance of a collaborative approach to rebuild one of Copenhagen's renowned tourist destinations.

"We will make contact with the Danish business community and initiate discussions on potential actions we can take," they stated.

Ms Andersen stated that this forms an essential segment of the saga of our town's construction, and thus, we shall put in our utmost efforts to restore it.

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The firefighters unintentionally ruined valuable artwork while they soaked the building with water.

Authorities report that roughly 50% of the structure has burned down and the reason for the blaze is still uncertain.

Jakob Vedsted Andersen, who is responsible for emergency services, stated that authorities were attempting to determine the scope of the destruction.

According to the emergency response team, a fire broke out on Tuesday morning and quickly spread throughout the red-brick building from underneath the copper roof. Over 100 firefighters worked hard to get the situation under control.

They stated that they were continuing their efforts to ensure the walls were stable and keeping a close eye on areas that were not affected.

The structure is currently being renovated to commemorate its 400-year history, and the scaffolds surrounding it impeded the firefighters' efforts.

The picture is from Getty Images.

The famous dragon-shaped tower was demolished by the flames.

The challenging circumstance was further intensified by the actual architecture of the building. Authorities explained that the roof was constructed with copper material, causing water to easily slide off.

According to their statement, the flames were strongest in the vicinity of the lofty structure.

The Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, expressed to the public broadcaster DR how difficult it was to witness the destruction of "many centuries of historical events" as they burned to ashes.

In a statement, King Frederik X expressed that the nation has witnessed an unfortunate and sorrowful event.

The edifice, which is a prominent spot for visitors, also had ancient artworks and furnishings. Photos from the incident displayed many individuals transporting art fragments to protected spots.

The Culture Minister of Denmark, Jakob Engel-Schmidt, expressed his admiration on social media for the collaborative efforts of Børsen employees, emergency service personnel, and bystanders who joined forces to save art and iconic images from a fire. He found their unity to be touching.

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