General election 2024: Seven things we learned from the Conservative manifesto

Conservative manifesto 2024

Last Tuesday, the Conservative Party presented their plan for the 2024 election, called 'Clear plan, bold action, secure future'. The manifesto is 80 pages long and explains the party's proposals for staying in power. They have promised changes in areas such as taxes, family support and immigration. Our specialists have analyzed the policies offered by the party in seven important areas of interest to the Institute for Government.

Reducing the number of NHS managers by 5,500 would present an additional challenge for the Conservatives in their efforts to enhance productivity in the NHS.

The upcoming general election in the United Kingdom is happening on the fourth day of July, a Thursday. Our content provides insight into the processes leading up to and during an election, discusses the preparations made by political parties and the government, and delves into the implications for the administration that follows.

In the upcoming parliament, the Conservative Party has vowed to provide 1.6 million fresh dwellings in England.

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