Union Deal With Royal Mail Suspended Over 'toxic' Work

Union Deal With Royal Mail Suspended Over 'toxic' Work

Royal Mail workers had a vote on a deal to end an argument about pay, jobs, and working conditions. The vote is stopped because the company and union are still fighting.

The CWU said the agreement environment is "toxic."

On Wednesday, the union decided to halt the vote for its members. The reason is that they want to make sure their members are safe. The union is worried about attacks on their members. Before the vote can continue, the union needs to be certain the attacks have stopped.

In April, the union and Royal Mail made a deal after a long time negotiating. Royal Mail said that the strikes were the cause of a big loss, about £1bn, that they reported last week. The boss, Simon Thompson, quit earlier this month.

The CWU's leaders told members that the company keeps attacking them at work. The leaders are Dave Ward and Andy Furey. They are the general secretary and deputy general secretary.

The proposed agreement is being discussed during a tough time. The company has a financial crisis and they need to change. Despite this, the agreement will help save the company, jobs, and service.

They said that the environment is still toxic for delivering the agreement.

Royal Mail Group didn't stop attacking their workers. They released their service quality results but didn't accept any blame for the bad situation they're in.

Royal Mail Group needs to get rid of their imposition culture and "our business to run" attitude. If they don't, it will damage the negotiators agreement. It's important for them to openly admit this.

The CWU supports the deal but wants Royal Mail to fix the service. They need to deal with missed delivery targets mentioned by Ofcom, the regulator.

In the UK, some areas are now considered as "postal deserts". This means that it can take up to two weeks for first-class mail to arrive.

The union told Royal Mail that they won't do well unless they fix problems with service quality and worker issues. They want "failed revisions" to be taken care of.

The postal union stopped the vote for the national agreement. They want to fix the service before they continue. They also want to review revisions that didn't work.

The union asked for a big online meeting with the company and all CWU reps. They also wanted the company to tell every branch their planned ending times.

Royal Mail's parent company's shares fell 2% after CWU's announcement but later recovered slightly.

Royal Mail spokesperson: We back the deal and hope CWU members approve it. Change is necessary for better service, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

We need a positive ballot result quickly. Then, we can pay our people more and make their jobs more secure. The CWU has agreed to this.

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