Musk: WFH Is ‘morally Wrong’

Musk: WFH Is ‘morally Wrong’

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Elon Musk got criticized for saying work-from-home people were "morally wrong." He thought it was unfair to those who couldn't work from home.

Mr Musk spoke to CNBC's David Faber on Tuesday. He called remote workers "laptop classes". He said this went beyond productivity issues.

He compared working from home to a famous quote by Marie Antoinette. However, the quote is often misattributed to her. Marie Antoinette was the last queen of France before the French Revolution. The concept of working from home is similar to the quote in some ways.

Mr Musk stated that he believes work from home is similar to the false quote attributed to Marie Antoinette. He thinks it's not only about productivity; it's immoral.

Mr Musk spoke out against the hypocrisy of making service industry workers work while others work from home.

He said to stop being so self-righteous about working from home.

"They make cars, fix houses, cook food, and create everything we use. It's wrong to think they must work while you don't," he commented.

Doing less work isn't just about being efficient; it's also a moral issue.

The big boss likes in-person work. He made a rule at Tesla in June 2022. Workers must follow it or they can lose their job.

The rule said workers must be in the office for at least 40 hours each week. If not, they weren't doing their job right.

He said that the people who use laptops are not realistic.

Many people got angry with Mr Musk after he shared his thoughts on work-from-home culture.

A Twitter user said that Elon Musk is tone deaf because he expects people to eat cake instead of sharing his wealth, despite being one of the world's richest men. Another user criticized David Faber for complaining about productivity, calling him a "boomer." They argued that people are just as productive and engaged while working from home, if not more so.

Lora Kolodny showed another report from CNBC that mentions Tesla's plan to make deals for "exceptional" workers. Tesla is enforcing a strict policy to return to work, but they are having trouble getting all of their employees back because they lack the necessary resources. The report referred to sources to confirm this information.

Ms. Kolodny expressed surprise, saying Tesla and Twitter under Musk allow great employees to work from home. She asked if the person remembered this.

Mr Musk spoke in an interview for one hour. He talked about how he doesn't mind the consequences of his opinions on Twitter. He said he's not afraid to lose money because of it.

He said he will speak his mind, even if it means losing money.

Twitter fired too many employees when the boss took over. He admits this was a problem. However, Twitter might try to hire some of the fired workers back.

Mr. Musk said that desperate times need desperate measures. Babies might be thrown out if you act quickly. He also said that there's a chance to rehire those who were let go.

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