Ultravox star Chris Cross, who co-wrote smash hit Vienna, has died

Chris Cross

Midge Ure, a fellow member of Ultravox, has shared the news of the passing of their bandmate Chris Cross. In his tribute, Ure referred to Cross as the "glue" that kept the band united.

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The artist, whose true identity was Chris Allen, played the bass guitar for the new wave group that gained popularity thanks to their hit single from 1981, Vienna.

According to reports, he passed away on 25 March, however the news was only shared last night. Additional information about his death has not been disclosed.

In the commemoration that he shared on social media, Ultravox lead singer Ure expressed, "We collaborated, we performed, we created melodies, and we oversaw productions in each other's company. We became close allies swiftly, as well as Ultravox colleagues."

We were able to reconnect as if we never spent time apart, despite years passing. You played a vital role in keeping our band united. You brought sense to the chaos and intricacy to our existence. It was wonderful to have you as a companion and watch you evolve alongside us. We cherish and long for you, dear friend.

Billy Currie, the keyboardist, expressed his condolences on his Facebook page. He was deeply saddened by the news of Chris's passing. They had shared some fantastic moments together, most of which involved laughter.

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In the mid-1970s, Allen was among the original members of Tiger Lily, who later evolved into Ultravox.

Ure, who was not initially a member of the group, became their lead singer after John Foxx in 1979. This resulted in the band achieving their most successful hits.

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In February 1981, Ultravox's most successful song "Vienna" reached the second spot on the charts. Despite its popularity and success, for three consecutive weeks, it was unable to beat Joe Dolce's "Shaddup You Face" for the number one spot, as reported by the Official Charts Company.

In Britain, the tune was rated as the sixth most popular individual song of the year. Additionally, it was also picked by the public as their most cherished number two song during a survey conducted by Official Charts and Radio 2 in 2013.

Some other popular songs performed were Dancing with Tears in My Eyes, All Stood Still and Reap The Wild Wind.

After going their separate ways, the group came together in 2008 and went on a tour the next year. Altogether, they produced 16 singles that reached the top 40 and 10 albums that reached the top 40 as well.

Many supporters have expressed their condolences on various social platforms. One person shared their sorrow on X, which was formerly known as Twitter, stating: "It is incredibly heartbreaking to hear that Chris Cross has passed away. He played a significant role in both versions of Ultravox and was a talented musician who will be sorely missed."

In reply to Ure's article, someone else commented: "This is a grievous moment. Although, we have unforgettable recollections and an extraordinary heritage of outstanding melodies. Rest in peace."

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