Chevron LNG workers in Australia to further delay planned strikes


Chevron's Australian LNG Workers Extend Strike Delay

Chevron's LNG facilities in Australia will experience a postponed strike until later today, as agreed by the workers and confirmed by a company spokesperson and a union representative to Reuters last night.

CHEVRON CORP. - Figure 1

The employees decided to postpone the protest until 1:00 p.m. local time in Perth (0500 GMT) on Friday, as stated by the unknown spokesperson.

NGC's focus on health, safety, security, and environment (HSSE) aligns with their goal of becoming a frontrunner in the worldwide energy industry.

A Chevron representative stated in an email that the unions have informed us that there will be no protected industrial action at our facilities until 1.00pm AWST on Friday 8 September.

CHEVRON CORP. - Figure 2

"We will keep progressing with the negotiation procedure as we aim to achieve results that benefit both our staff and the company. Additionally, we will persist in implementing measures to ensure the safety and dependability of our operations in case any disturbances arise at our facilities." (Reported by Lewis Jackson; Composed by Florence Tan and Sudarshan Varadhan; Edited by Alex Richardson)

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