ChatGPT is down for the second time today


There have been some difficulties with OpenAI's ChatGPT system today. It was down for a few hours earlier and is now experiencing its second significant blackout of the day. Some folks who utilize the ChatGPT app on their phones or the web service are unable to obtain answers to their inquiries at the moment. Nonetheless, some individuals say that they've been able to connect to the system again as of 1 PM ET.

According to the status message from OpenAI, there are certain ChatGPT users who cannot access it at the moment. The team is currently looking into this problem. The second round of issues emerged at approximately 10:30AM ET and various individuals have reported problems on Downdetector.

At approximately the same period when ChatGPT encountered challenges, individuals have experienced complications with Google Gemini, Anthropic's Claude AI, and Perplexity AI online search. A statement on the Perplexity Discord confirmed that the application "is presently out of service" as of 10:53 AM ET, but no other communications have been made following that notification.

In November, ChatGPT experienced a significant interruption that caused the service to go offline for almost an hour and a half. This disruption also had an effect on OpenAI's API services, but it appears that this latest outage did not impact the API. OpenAI later disclosed that the root cause of the November outage was due to a DDoS attack.

Last month, ChatGPT search capabilities were affected by a Microsoft disruption. This also caused a breakdown in the technology company's Copilot service.

As of June 4th, we have taken into consideration the current status reports of ChatGPT and have also acknowledged other AI tools that have encountered issues.

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