BBC Breakfast presenter Charlie Stayt 'facing bankruptcy'

Charlie Stayt

According to reports, Charlie Stayt, who presents BBC Breakfast, and his wife Annie Breckell, are allegedly in danger of filing for bankruptcy. This is after HMRC served them with a petition.

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Stayt started working as a journalist in 1995 with ITN as his first job. He later moved on to Five News and covered significant happenings such as the 9/11 attacks. From there, he transitioned to Sky News and eventually made his way to the BBC.

Even though they have been a part of the morning show on the BBC for almost two decades, Stayt and Breckell have ended up owing £6,409 as per their company's financial records from December 2020.

As stated by The Sun, the pair resides in a lavish four-bedroom abode worth £2.3 million located in the South West London area of Twickenham. The government agency reportedly issued a warning of insolvency to the couple.

Stayt Limited has Stayt and Breckell as directors, in addition to Hogbens Dunphy Secretaries, which is a firm that provides accounting and tax advice in the heart of London. Their business focuses on creating and transmitting television programs.

In the photo above, we can see Stayt and his co-host Munchetty posing together.

The presenter became a part of BBC Breakfast in 2006 and currently shares hosting duties with Naga Munchetty, 49, hailing from Salford, Manchester. They jointly host the show every Thursday through Saturday.

The host of the morning segment replaced Dan Walker on the program in 2022, as he left to work for Channel 5 News.

The Standard reached out to Charlie Stayt's representative for a statement.

Stayt started working at a radio station for businesses located in Gloucester before progressing to being the presenter for Capital Radio's news program in London.

In the year 1995, he made a move to television and got his start with ITN. Following that, he became a reporter for Five News and eventually went on to host their evening news segments and live discussions.

Before joining Sky News, he was responsible for presenting major events such as the coverage of 9/11 and the celebrations for the Millennium.

Stayt has also tried out reality TV, acting as the host for programs such as Jailbreak and Are You Telepathic. Additionally, they took part in a competition as a participant on The Weakest Link in 2022.

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