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Sumo association probe found 2 wrestlers gambled illegally: source - NewsExplorer

Sumo association probe found 2 wrestlers gambled illegally: source

Hidenoumi, left, and Shiden. (Photo courtesy of Japan Sumo Association/Kyodo)

TOKYO (Kyodo) — A Japan Sumo Association probe has found that a pair of wrestlers from the top tiers of the ancient sport has taken part in illegal gambling, a source with knowledge of the matter said Saturday.

The JSA’s compliance committee has reached that conclusion after holding hearings with the pair, elite makuuchi division wrestler Hidenoumi and second-tier juryo division wrestler Shiden, and their stablemaster, sumo elder Kise.

On Thursday, the committee reported its disciplinary opinion to JSA President Hakkaku. The association’s board of directors will take up the matter at its meeting on Jan. 27, when a decision about how the wrestlers should be punished will likely be decided.

The wrestlers are suspected of entering an illegal gambling establishment in Saitama Prefecture, where the prefectural police are questioning the pair as part of their investigation.

Both Hidenoumi and Shiden are sitting out the ongoing New Year Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo on the orders of stablemaster Kise.

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