Celine Dion says 'I'm back' after Stiff Person Syndrome struggles

Celine Dion

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The vocalist appeared uncommonly at the Grammy Awards in the beginning of this year.

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While the sun goes down behind the mountains in a posh community that's half an hour away from the Las Vegas strip, I detect the sound of a familiar voice singing from a shut door.

"Hey, is that Celine?" I inquire.

The security personnel stationed outside the hotel room gives a small nod as a sign of alertness and attentiveness.

I'm getting ready to have a chat with a huge music icon, and it seems like she's in a very happy state of mind.

However, the distinctive vocals I am hearing, singing in a relaxed manner, belong to someone whose enthusiasts were worried about no longer being able to hear in the future.

She revealed in a video posted on Instagram in December 2022 that she has been struggling with health issues for quite a while.

A unique neurological condition has been detected in me.

Following the heartbreaking news, Celine Dion canceled the rest of her global tour and has hardly made public appearances since.

Her condition, which is not widely recognized, goes by the name Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS). This is a nervous system disorder that triggers muscle spasms.

As we begin our conversation, Celine reveals that her condition remained undetected for a long period of time.

When she was on tour, the 56-year-old singer experienced a lot of anxiety because she was starting to notice alterations in her voice.

The star from Canada stated that they experienced a peculiar sensation, almost like a minor involuntary muscle contraction.

I found it hard to speak and began to exert more effort with my vocal cords.

In order to showcase the slight variation, she sang the initial lines of her popular track from 1993, "The Power of Love". It was evident that she had to put in extra effort to sustain the notes which used to come naturally to her before.

Every now and then, she would request the leader of her accompanying band to lower the pitch of specific tunes for a handful of shows.

She expressed her desire to discover a means of getting onto the stage.

She wished to sing slightly lower to allow her vocal cords to rest and improve.

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The renowned singer, Celine Dion, has opened up about her experiences with Stiff Person Syndrome featured in a recently released documentary. She detailed her tactics for dealing with the condition and her everyday life.

The difficulties she was experiencing behind the curtains would have remained unknown to the spectators.

According to Celine, it seemed like an unattainable task to take some time off back then.

The performances were completely booked for 18 months, touring all over the world.

"I will tell individuals, 'Pardon me for my spasms? Pardon me for my indescribable quality?'"

She pushed herself too hard to keep going with the show, without realizing what was causing the symptoms she was feeling.

However, everything became overwhelming.

When she finally received her diagnosis, she came to the realization that her exhaustion wasn't just from touring and would be a lasting issue.

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During Celine's last Vegas performance in 2019, her offspring made an appearance on stage alongside her.

The autoimmune condition SPS can cause significant impairment, and at present, there is no remedy available.

It occurs as a result of the nerve-to-muscle signals malfunctioning.

In instances of intense spasms, she experiences such severe discomfort that it becomes a challenge for her to even shift positions.

However, after receiving a correct diagnosis, she now has a better understanding of the illness and knows that it can be controlled.

She expressed her desire to participate in fundraising activities that promote awareness and help to discover a cure. According to her, achieving this would be a remarkable accomplishment.

While not performing, Celine has taken the opportunity to familiarize herself with medication, rehabilitation exercises, as well as sought the expertise of medical professionals such as Dr. Amanda Piquet.

Dr. Piquet says that since this illness is becoming more well-known, it's attracting attention from the general public.

Dr. Piquet has provided treatment to many patients who had remained undiagnosed for several years.

Celine's aim is to use the attention she received from opening up about her struggle with the disease as a means to assist others.

According to Dr. Piquet, it's crucial to improve the diagnosis of this illness. This, in turn, will result in numerous clinical trials and additional approved treatments.

According to her, even though Celine's condition will be with her forever, the treatment she's receiving to reduce her muscle spasms will enable her to perform on stage once again.

Celine expressed that her voice is in the process of being reconstructed. She mentioned that this process had started some time ago and is currently ongoing at this very moment.

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in ticket sales. The renowned singer is now preparing for her third residency in Sin City at the Resorts World theatre. The show, entitled "Celine," will start on 5 November 2021 and run for ten dates through to 8 January 2022. According to sources, the event is expected to be an impressive production featuring state-of-the-art technology and a range of hit songs from Dion's illustrious career. If the show's previous success is any indication, tickets for this blockbuster entertainment experience will sell fast, and fans are urged to secure their seats as soon as possible.

Supporters can check out the ways in which the vocalist's health battles have impacted her existence through a fresh film named I Am: Celine Dion.

She is now able to find a path to return to her performances, and has been getting ready for a fresh production in Las Vegas.

"I am delighted to share that we have exerted tremendous effort in organizing this event, as I have returned," she exclaims with a massive grin.

It's evident that she has been longing to perform again.

I'll be performing on stage. The exact time is unknown at the moment, but you can count on me to announce it loudly.

Celine currently holds the title for the most prestigious residency in the history of the Las Vegas strip. However, due to some time-off, she has got an opportunity to consider her success intensely. She feels very accomplished about her profession.

Having journeyed across the globe for many years, she has come to the realization that her travels have only shown her a small fraction of what the world has to offer.

She mentions that continually being on tour while traveling has come at a cost.

When I had time off from work, I made sure to prepare for the following performance. I traveled to different countries but my sightseeing opportunities were limited.

However, in my role as a entertainer and vocalist, my admirers have bestowed upon me an abundance of affection.

Power Ballad Queen

The first thing I recall about Celine Dion was when one of my teachers in high school played her song Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore using a cassette tape, in an attempt to motivate us to improve our understanding of French.

She is widely recognized by the public as the foremost expert in power ballads.

Her popular songs from the 1990s, such as The Power of Love and It’s All Coming Back to Me Now, are quickly identifiable due to her impressive singing.

During her difficult health struggles, Celine confesses to feeling a tad jealous of the soft and airy format, known as 'whisperpop', that is now being employed by a few contemporary female musicians.

Vocalists such as Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey are experiencing significant success with their music that spans across the opposite extremes of the loudness spectrum.

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Celine Dion became famous when she emerged victorious at the Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland in 1988.

She was thinking, "Should I stay up really late and start smoking?" and joked about it.

I felt envy. I observed them having fun, going out to party without bothering to tidy up, and they were just outstanding.

This is in opposition to the rigorous routine she has adhered to for a large portion of her professional life.

I told them not to speak and advised against consuming that particular food due to its high dairy content, which can result in the production of phlegm.

She keeps joking that she might abandon her traditional education and embrace a different identity with a rough voice.

"Did you see how great that concert was?" Celine asks while giving a playful wink to the camera.

Despite her continuing struggles with health issues, she is able to maintain a positive outlook and find moments of laughter.

No matter which fashion she opts for, her followers will be exceptionally delighted to witness her return.

Celine Dion's documentary "I Am" is premiering on Amazon Prime Video on June 25th, and her in-depth chat with Emma Vardy is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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