Gaza ceasefire vote: Jess Phillips resigns in Labour frontbench rebellion - latest

Ceasefire vote

Starmer emphasizes that the priority is to provide assistance to Gaza, despite disagreements within the Labour party regarding a ceasefire.

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Prominent Member of Parliament Jess Phillips was one of ten top-level politicians to resign or be dismissed from their position, as Keir Starmer experienced a widespread rebellion due to his choice not to support a cease-fire in Gaza.

On Wednesday night, Yasmin Qureshi, Afzal Khan, and Paula Barker were among eight shadow ministers who stepped down from their positions to support an SNP proposal that advocated for a ceasefire in the King's Speech.

Members of Parliament casted their votes, with 293 voting against and 125 voting in favor, giving a majority of 168 to decline the SNP's King's Speech amendment. The amendment requested that all political parties reach an agreement regarding the implementation of an instant ceasefire in Gaza. In total, 56 Labour MPs voted to support the amendment.

Labour disclosed that 10 frontbenchers have stepped down, including two who previously held the position of parliamentary private secretaries.

Israel has announced that its military killed numerous militants who had infiltrated the Al Shifa hospital in Gaza, which is the biggest healthcare center in the area. The attack was part of Israel Defense Forces' efforts to counteract Hamas following the October 7th slaughter.

Hamas and hospital workers deny Israel's claims that Hamas is using hospitals to protect its fighters. Israel has accused Hamas of positioning its primary command centre in and under Al Shifa hospital, where healthcare personnel are still tending to numerous patients.

Cooper Cautions On ‘disrespect Spiral’ Among Officials, Police

Yvette Cooper, who holds the position of Shadow Home Secretary, has expressed her concern over the potential development of "a spiral of disrespect" between the police and the Government as a result of the recent political pressure surrounding protest marches.

Ms Cooper criticized former home secretary Suella Braverman's attacks on the Metropolitan Police at a policing conference in Westminster and deemed them to be disgraceful.

Mrs Braverman went above and beyond by penning a piece for The Times, in which she alleged that the police department was exhibiting partiality towards left-wing demonstrators.

Tara Cobham posted a blog at 11:00 on November 16th, 2023.

Starmer's Position Supported By Shadow Science Secretary

Peter Kyle, the Shadow Science Secretary, stood up for Sir Keir Starmer’s decision, following the loss of jobs for multiple frontbenchers. These members supported the SNP amendment that urged for a halt to the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

This pertains to the policies of the Labor party. Even though it is a policy that affects countries worldwide, it is still a policy that we need to unite and agree upon as a team.

According to him, supporting the SNP amendment is not an acceptable action.

Our approach is well-planned and consistent. Keir is spearheading this effort and it's aligned with the actions of our G7 allies. This is crucial as we must stay united as a global community to make an impact in this domain.

Peter Kyle, who is serving as the Shadow Science Secretary, spoke in favor of the position taken by Sir Keir Starmer. This came after some senior members of the government were removed from their posts due to their support for the SNP's proposal for a truce in Gaza.

Tara Cobham posted a blog on November 16, 2023 at 10:40am.

"Jess Phillips' Complete Resignation Letter"

Yousaf Furious At MPs For 'unforgivable' Gaza Truce Choice

Humza Yousaf, the first minister of Scotland, has expressed his strong displeasure towards MPs who did not support an instant stop to the hostilities in Gaza. He cautioned them that they are making a decision that will not stand the test of time and will be remembered as being ignorant of the seriousness of the matter.

Leader of the Scottish National Party, Mr. Yousaf, was joined by his Palestinian in-laws who recently arrived in the UK from the war-torn Gaza, as he suggested that voting was an opportunity to prioritize "human values" over politics.

According to information from the World Health Organisation, he stated that every 10 minutes, a child loses their life in Gaza.

Rebels Still Support Starmer As PM, Says Healey

According to John Healey, who serves as the defence secretary in the opposition, the Labour Party members who spoke out in favor of a ceasefire in Gaza still support Sir Keir Starmer's aspiration to become the country's next prime minister.

During an interview with TimesRadio, Mr Healey expressed his remorse about any frontbenchers who have left their positions. He admitted that this was a challenging decision for each of them, but they have all confirmed their unwavering support for Keir Starmer and their shared desire to create a Labour government.

Yesterday, we encountered a complicated problem, yet Keir Starmer's stance on holding everyone accountable and orderly during a parliamentary vote was correct. It was important to show strong leadership on the matter.

"He had made it clear that he would not compromise his core beliefs just to appease his party's internal affairs. This is a common scenario, as evidenced by Rishi Sunak's attempts to manage his fellow Conservative MPs."

Tara Cobham posted a blog entry on November 16, 2023 at 9:25 am.

Why Labour's Gaza Ceasefire Vote Matters?

On Wednesday, the House of Commons will vote on the King's Speech that was presented by King Charles III last week. The speech detailed the Conservative government's plan for passing laws in this parliamentary session.

Members of Parliament have the right to submit their own modifications to the programme if they think that certain parts of it are inadequate in addressing their issues.

Once given the go-ahead by the speaker of the House, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, these actions will be deliberated and put to a vote by the assembly participants.

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"Met Police: Climbing War Memorial 'Unacceptable'"

On Wednesday evening, pro-Palestinian protesters climbed onto the Royal Artillery Memorial at Hyde Park Corner in central London. The Metropolitan Police expressed their regret that their officers were unable to respond quickly enough to prevent this from happening.

The authority expressed their disapproval of the actions carried out by the splinter team outside of the Parliament buildings. They posted their statement on a social media platform.

It further mentioned that no arrests had been made since scaling war memorials is not explicitly prohibited by law.

James Cleverly, the Home Secretary, proposed on Thursday morning that the police might receive new authorities to stop demonstrators from scaling war memorials.

Israeli Military Hits Hamas Leader's Home In Gaza

The Israeli military declared on Thursday that they attacked the dwelling of Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza utilizing fighter aircraft.

According to the military, Haniyeh's residence functioned as a base for terrorist activities and was frequently utilized as a gathering spot for high-ranking members of Hamas. These individuals would then plan and execute acts of terror targeting both Israeli civilians and members of the IDF.

"Proposed Protest Law Change To Halt Memorial Climbing"

James Cleverly, the Home Secretary, proposed modifying the laws in order to bestow more authority on the police to avert demonstrators from scaling war memorials.

On Wednesday night, a group of protesters who support Palestine climbed onto the Royal Artillery Memorial located in the central area of Hyde Park Corner. They did so after taking part in a demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament.

During an interview with LBC Radio, Mr. Cleverly, a former member of the Royal Artillery, stated that they will be examining this matter closely.

The statement is a firm commitment to take action. The Veterans minister, Johnny Mercer, has highlighted his previous experience as an officer in the military branch called Royal Artillery, which is also his regimental memorial.

The Home Secretary stated that she won't allow her emotions to interfere with her decision-making, but it's easy to see that climbing on war memorials is inappropriate. The police acknowledge this behavior is extremely impolite.

We have promised to examine the laws concerning the policing of public order.

I am going to examine the issue thoroughly and consider whether the police require additional authority to prevent highly offensive and controversial incidents from occurring for the benefit of society. It is important to keep in mind that such incidents may incite aggression and need to be dealt with to avert any violent reactions. Hence, we are contemplating enacting measures that would grant the police more power to address this matter.

On Wednesday evening, there was a demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament in central London. Afterwards, a group of protesters who supported Palestine climbed onto the Royal Artillery Memorial at Hyde Park Corner.

"10 Labour Frontbench Resignations: Who Are They?"

A grand sum of 56 Labour Members of Parliament supported an amendment proposed by the Scottish National Party to endorse a ceasefire in Gaza during the King's speech. This marks the largest act of defiance against Keir Starmer's leadership to date.

10 members of the frontbench, including Jess Phillips who is responsible for addressing domestic violence and protecting individuals, went against their leader's directive not to support the proposal and stepped down from their positions under Sir Keir.

The list of frontbench resignations comprises 10 individuals who have stepped down from their positions. Here are their names:

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