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Canelo Alvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders LIVE: Results, UK start time, undercard and live stream

Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders put their super-middleweight world titles on the line in Dallas tonight
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Billy Joe Saunders will tonight attempt to pull off one of the biggest victories in British boxing history when he takes on Canelo Alvarez.

Saunders is a huge underdog going into his super-middleweight clash with the WBC and WBA champion, who has already won high-profile world titles in four different weight classes.

But the brash, unbeaten Saunders believes he is capable of a victory which would rank among the likes of Tyson Fury's win over Wladimir Klitschko in Dusseldorf in 2015.

The winner of tonight's fight will hold three of the four belts in the 168lb division and stand within one victory of becoming the undisputed world champion.

Ring walks are due to take place at 4am UK time, and you can follow all the action here...

04:26Martin Domin
Here we go!

Ding, ding... round one!

04:20Martin Domin
And here comes Canelo

The familiar sound of the Mariachi band heralds the Mexican;s arrival and he's brought a dance troupe and a singer this time.

He's certainly keeping Saunders waiting.

Oh, he's singing two songs. This is giving me horrible flashbacks to the Triller show.

Anyone seen Canelo?

Here he is! Wearing a Dolche and Gabana robe, of cours,e he makes his way to the ring as the crowd welcomes its gladiator.

04:10Martin Domin
Here comes Saunders

The Brit is making his way to the ring to the sound of Churchill's Second World War rallying cry. You know the one, about the beaches.

A loud chorus of boos, as you would expect for the visiting fighter.

Can't imagine he'll care.

04:04Martin Domin
The champ's prediction is in!
04:03Martin Domin
Oh good, the anthems

Why, why, why?

03:55Martin Domin
Decent turn-out..
03:55Martin Domin
Prediction time

Canelo could have a few tricky moments in the early rounds but I expect him to suss out Saunders and cruise to a unanimous points decision.

03:43Martin Domin
It's (almost) time!

Canelo vs Saunders is coming up NEXT

RESULT: Soto bt Takayama

Yes he was behind on the cards and yes he was shipping shots, but Takayama wasn't hurt and didn't look in any danger. In fact, he's now shadowboxing around the ring to tell the referee exactly how he feels. Regardless, Soto holds on to his title.

03:41Martin Domin
Soto vs Takayama - Round 9

Soto is not as wild as he was earlier but his output has also dropped. When he does throw, however, he is connecting... and it's all over! Woah... not sure about that. Takayama is stopped on his feet but he didn't look hurt at all.

03:38Martin Domin
Soto vs Takayama - Round 8

Soto continues to land the more telling shots but Takayama's activity is impressive. His shots not quite getting through the guard though. The pace has slowed now as we head into the last third.

03:33Martin Domin
Soto vs Takayama - Round 7

Soto lands another couple of single shots but Takayama is not budging. And he comes back well, looking to target the champ's body.

03:29Martin Domin
Soto vs Takayama - Round 6

Takayama has the crowd on his side for what is fight of the night thus far. But he's in trouble! Soto lands a combination instead of one big shot and he has his challenger in trouble but again the Japanese recovers! An uppercut lands on the bell but still Takayama stands!

03:25Martin Domin
Soto vs Takayama - Round 5

Soto's right hand lands again. And again. But his challenger is not budging and soaks them up. He tries to come back to he body but doesn't seem to have the power to trouble the champ.

03:21Martin Domin
Soto vs Takayama - Round 4

Soto is finding a home for his overhand right but he throws it with such abandon. Takayama is targetting the body and he has certainly recovered well from the opening two sessions.

03:18Martin Domin
Soto vs Takayama - Round 3

Soto is spoiling his own work at times wiht his eagerness and Takayama is having his best spell of the fight - although that's not saying much.

03:12Martin Domin
Soto vs Takayama - Round 2

Certainly an all-action start to this one as Soto comes out swinging in the second. If Takayama can hang on in there he might find the champion begin to tire.

03:09Martin Domin
Soto vs Takayama - Round 1

The champion clearly wants to see the main event as much as we do as he comes out firing on all cylinders. Takayama rides the storm but might not be hanging around in there.

03:04Martin Domin
Penultimate fight...

No hanging around here, Elwin Soto defends his light-flyweight title against Katsunari Takayama.

03:00Martin Domin
The (other) champ is here
02:57Martin Domin
Saunders in the house!
02:52Martin Domin
Fury making a statement!
RESULT: Cissokho bt Conway

The scores are in.... 97-92 Conway, 96-93 Cissokho and 95-94 to the winner... CISSOKHO!

02:46Martin Domin
Conway vs Cissokho - Round 10

Conway makes another fast start but still needs a knockout to win. He can't quite get to Cissokho who lands an uppercut of his own. Conway can't do enough in the final minute and we go to the scorecards.

02:43Martin Domin
Conway vs Cissokho - Round 9

Conway clearly frustated at the end of that last round.

BUT WAIT! Cissokho is down! Conway connected with an uppercut right at the start of the round and now he's laying it on big time! Cissokho seems to have recovered though and keeps out of reach.

02:38Martin Domin
Conway vs Cissokho - Round 8

Cissoko's movement keeps him from Conway's clutches and he responds with that single shot. There's a rare theee-punch combo from the Frenchman as we head into the final six minutes.

02:34Martin Domin
Conway vs Cissokho - Round 7

The fans might be thrilled to see Canelo in the flesh but they'll forget this one pretty quickly; snoozefest doesn't do it justice. Cissokho is happy to jab all day long and Conway can't get inside that lead hand.

02:30Martin Domin
Conway vs Cissokho - Round 6

Cissokho is doing enough in most of these rounds but he's unwilling to exend his repertoire of punches beyond a one-two. Conway tries to rough him up on the ropes but struggles to make inroads.

02:27Martin Domin
Conway vs Cissokho - Round 5

Conway starting to have more success and lands a one-two midway through the round but neither fighter is showing enough activity as we reach the halfway point.

02:23Martin Domin
Conway vs Cissokho - Round 4

Conway starting to make inroads, albeit small ones, into Cissokho's defence as the Brit looks to narrow the distance and get inside the Frenchman's long levers.

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