Paris Hilton shares RARE throwback photos with longtime friend Britney Spears as she claims the pair...

Britney Spears

Paris Hilton recently posted a new update on Sunday where she shared some old pictures of herself with her longtime buddy, Britney Spears. The media personality mentioned that both of them were the pioneers in taking selfies while sharing the pictures with her followers.

The famous TV star, who is 42 years old, just went to the Las Vegas Grand Prix with other well-known people. He put up three pictures of himself and his fashionable partner. The pictures were taken in 2006 and are close-up shots.

The mom who has a child wrote a message to her 25.5 million followers which said, '17 years ago, Britney and I made the first selfie! Mention me in your best selfies to commemorate this famous creation.'

The initial photo showed the famous individual wearing a grey tank top, while the individual behind the song "Baby One More Time," who is 41 years old, opted for a white, silky shirt.

The pair of celebrities put on happy expressions and donned headbands that had cute rabbit ears attached to them, to create an amusing snapshot.

Uncommon pictures were recently posted on social media by Paris Hilton, who is now aged 42. In the photographs, she can be seen posing with her longtime pal, Britney Spears. According to her latest post on Sunday, Hilton stated that they were the ones who initiated the trend of self-portraits referred to as "selfies".

In the following picture, Paris and Britney took off their trendy hairbands and posed in close proximity for yet another self-portrait.

Finally, the duo stopped to take another photo by pursing their lips towards the camera, which was being held by Hilton.

For almost twenty years, the celebrities have maintained a strong friendship. Recently, Spears talked about their tight relationship in her latest memoir called The Woman In Me, which was just released in October.

The singer of "Gimme More" expressed in writing that the female entrepreneur was the most compassionate towards her during her time of need.

Additionally, she commented, 'Many individuals in America disregarded her as someone who only indulged in parties, but I perceived her as refined - the manner in which she struck poses on the red carpet and consistently raised an eyebrow when someone spoke unkindly of her.'

She noticed that I had young children and was going through a tough time after the separation, and it seemed like she empathized with me. She paid me a visit at my place and provided invaluable assistance that I truly appreciated. Her kindness towards me was truly heartwarming.

When Paris was interviewed by People before the book was released, she expressed her admiration for the pop princess for sharing her story. Paris stated that she felt a sense of pride towards her.

I understand that writing a memoir can be challenging since it requires delving deep into your memories and reflecting on moments that may not be pleasant to revisit.

Looking back: In the next picture, Paris and Britney ditched their stylish headbands and posed closely for another self-portrait.

Creating the Selfie: The one who has given birth to a child wrote below the picture, 'We were the ones who made the first ever selfie 17 years ago. Use my username when you upload your best selfies to honor this remarkable creation.'

Paris, who has authored a self-written book named Paris: The Memoir, conveyed that it is actually a rejuvenating involvement.

Last year, when interviewed by E! News, The Simple Life celebrity expressed her admiration for the singer saying, 'She is an incredibly kind human being and has an angelic nature.'

Hilton went on to say, 'She's different from everybody else in this place. She's very important to me.'

The lovely blonde lady was present at Spears' nuptials in the year 2022 with Sam Asghari. Unfortunately, the artist decided to end her marriage as her partner filed for divorce in August this year.

In the previous month, Paris decided to honor Britney in a unique way during the Halloween celebration. Paris sported the legendary blue outfit from Britney's Toxic music video to pay homage to the pop star.

Hilton has been sorting out a hectic timetable, and took some time off to go to Las Vegas for the weekend to watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

On Saturday, she wore a stylish outfit that was entirely black and consisted of a tight black top with a small cutout near the top.

The famous person also had on some leather trousers that were black and paired this with a leather jacket to complete their bold outfit.

Last month on Halloween, Paris honored Britney by dressing up as the pop star in the iconic blue outfit from her music video for Toxic.

Going to the Grand Prix: Hilton had a packed agenda, but managed to make time for a quick trip to Las Vegas last weekend to watch the Grand Prix. She was spotted there on Saturday.

She had an amazing time: She was also given the opportunity to exhibit her DJ talents at the Hilton x McLaren Stay on the Grid Experience in the urban location.

Additionally, she had the opportunity to exhibit her expertise as a DJ during the Hilton x McLaren Stay on the Grid Experience celebration held in the urban area.

Paris was ready for the event and looked stunning in a striking pantsuit that featured a mix of white, blue, and pink shades.

She tied her blonde hair into a ponytail, ensuring that no untidy strands would fall on her face.

To complete her look, the woman put on a set of gleaming white boots with high heels and donned some pink-rimmed sunglasses that sparkled in the light.

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