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The 'Brazilian Hulk' Has Passed Away!

A Brazilian bodybuilder and TikTok star who was known as the ‘Brazilian Hulk’ gained popularity after injecting himself with a life-threatening oil to create huge muscles.

His real name is Valdir Segato, and he ignored health warnings when he injected the oil to create 23 inch biceps.  Unfortunately ignoring those health warnings may have been his downfall.

The oil he was injecting was made up of sesame oil, along with painkillers and alcohol, as a steroid alternative. When he was 49, doctors warned him he risked amputations and nerve damage if he continued the injections.

Segato passed away at the age of 55 (on his birthday) after being rushed to the hospital for having complications breathing. Local reports are saying he went to his mother’s home for help to get to a hospital.  They rushed him there and they believe he had a heart attack and passed in the ER.


Man Crush Countdown!

Those who listen to Dave and Chuck the Freak regularly, probably know that James has an interesting take when it comes to talking about other men.

Especially those that have great bodies, are good at dancing, are above average looking, or have some sort of exemplary talent…but it’s not because he’s into them in a romantic or sexual way. It’s all about normalizing dudes complimenting other dudes and not feeling weird about it.

There are many celebs worthy of the man crush title, but here are James’s biggest man crushes and why!

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