Benjamin Mendy to sue Manchester City for up to £10m in lost earnings

Benjamin Mendy

Benjamin Mendy, who used to play for Manchester City, is taking legal action against the club in order to get back some of the money he thinks they owe him. He could be looking to get as much as £10m in lost earnings.

City suspended Mendy back in August of 2021 on account of being charged with four different accusations of rape. Unfortunately, he never got the opportunity to play for the club again and ultimately decided to part ways with them in June of 2023.

Between September 2021 and when his contract ended, City didn't give any money to the ex-French defender. The club believed that he couldn't work because he was on bail and had to go through a trial and then another trial.

Mendy was detained for over four months before receiving bail in January 2022. As a condition of his release, he was forbidden from entering Greater Manchester, where City practices and competes, and was obliged to submit his passport. City appears to be taken aback by the fact that their former staff member is pursuing legal action.

In January, the individual who is 29 years old was declared innocent by the Chester crown court for allegedly raping four women and sexually assaulting another. After a retrial for two charges of rape and attempted rape, which were still unresolved, he was declared not guilty in July.

According to a statement sent to The Guardian, Nick De Marco KC is representing Benjamin Mendy, a former player for Manchester City, in a legal case seeking millions of pounds in compensation for wages that were unlawfully withheld. Laffer Abogados from Madrid is also providing legal counsel in the matter.

Manchester City FC did not provide Mr. Mendy with any payment whatsoever from September 2021, after Mr. Mendy was accused of several crimes, all of which he was cleared of, until his contract termination in June 2023. The matter will be presented before an employment tribunal.

In July, Mendy agreed to join Lorient, a team in the French Ligue 1. After Mendy's trial ended, he and his representative reached out to City about getting back the money they believe they lost, which they think is around £9-10 million before taxes.

The two parties have not come to an agreement, so the issue will now be taken to an employment tribunal.

The HM Revenue and Customs is going after a bankruptcy order against a French football player due to an almost £800,000 tax debt. In court, the player's representative expressed his client's embarrassment about the situation and his desire to settle the debt as soon as possible despite experiencing financial difficulty.

The lawyer stated that this might be the final opportunity to act, or at least nearing the end of the time to do so.

The situation was postponed for a period of four months last month. This was done with the aim of giving Mendy enough time to resolve his issues with City.

Mendy became the priciest full-back in football history when he transferred from Monaco to City for a cost of £53 million in 2017. The contract he signed with City was worth an estimated £28 million and was valid for six years.

Under the management of Pep Guardiola, he secured three victories in the Premier League and two triumphs in the League Cup. The individual in question, who typically plays as a left-back, has attained ten international appearances for the French national team and contributed to their triumph at the 2018 Fifa World Cup held in Russia.

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