Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez spark split speculation after they've not been seen together for 47 days

Ben Affleck

It's been 47 days since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were last seen together in photos, leading to speculation in the gossip magazines that their marriage might be going through a rough patch.

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The famous pair was last observed out and about on March 30th, walking through New York City hand in hand.

Jennifer Lopez, who sang "I'm Real", has been investing a considerable amount of time in the city to publicize her latest Netflix movie, Atlas. Additionally, she has also been a co-chair of this year's Met Gala.

Lopez has been heavily involved in shooting Kiss of the Spiderwoman, a full-length movie version of the 1993 Broadway play that was inspired by Manuel Puig's novel from 1976. Diego Luna, who starred in the film Andor, will co-star alongside her.

At present, the person who won an Oscar and is currently 51 years old is said to be present on the western side of the U.S. to put effort into making The Accountant 2 and participate in the Roast of Tom Brady on the 5th of May.

Their separate appearances in public have sparked widespread rumors about the state of their marriage, with a source intimating that their relationship is finished.

The image of the duo taken in the year 2021 (Getty Images)

In accordance to InTouch, someone informed them that after almost twenty years of waiting to reconnect, the two individuals were unable to make their relationship successful.

Their love for each other will continue, yet she has no power over him, and he has no ability to alter her. It wasn't possible for their relationship to endure.

According to the informant, Affleck has relocated from their residence to prioritize both his job and his children.

TMZ has suggested that the director of Air is now living permanently in his Brentwood residence, citing a photograph of him leaving the property as evidence to support their assertion.

The Standard has reached out to the representatives of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck to provide a response.

The well-known duo, nicknamed Bennifer, have been in a widely covered romantic relationship since 2001 when they met on the set of the movie Gigli, which received negative reviews.

Yet, people's intrigue with their love story eventually transformed into intense examination once Gigli encountered varied responses.

The negative reaction put pressure on their connection, causing them to delay their wedding in September 2003 at the last minute. They explained that one reason for the change of plans was the overwhelming attention from the press. After four months, they decided to end their relationship.

During an interview on Live in 2008, Affleck expressed his thoughts about his relationship with his partner. He mentioned that they were not prepared for the immense attention they received, saying, "We fell in love, we were thrilled, and maybe too easy to approach."

After breaking up, Affleck decided to tie the knot with Jennifer Garner. The couple had three kids together, two daughters named Violet and Fin who are currently 18 and 15 years old, respectively, and a son named Samuel who is now 12 years old. Unfortunately, they got divorced in 2014. Meanwhile, Lopez wasted no time and got married to Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony just five months after her separation from Affleck.

The couple was wed for seven years and had a pair of kids - Emme and Max, who are both 16 and twins. In 2011, they decided to part ways and eventually finalized their divorce in 2014.

It is now in 2021 that Affleck and Lopez have rekindled their relationship after 18 years since they parted ways.

In July of 2022, they secretly ran away to Las Vegas to get married. Then, the following month, they had a big and fancy ceremony at Affleck's huge 87-acre property located close to Savannah, Georgia.

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