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Dan Walker's morning routine revealed and he's thrilled to be ditching his 3am alarm clock for BBC Breakfast

BBC Breakfast 23.02 (Picture: BBC)
Dan Walker sure won’t miss his early starts for BBC Breakfast (Picture: BBC)

Dan Walker has shared his morning routine ahead of his last day at BBC Breakfast, and we’ll never complain about having to get up early ever again.

The 45-year-old presenter will front his last show on the programme on Tuesday before he heads to Channel 5 where he will replace Sian Williams as the lead anchor on 5 News.

It’s fair to say that Dan is definitely looking forward to having a lie-in after he posted the five alarms he has switched on in order to wake up in time to get to the BBC studios.

His first alarm, which is aptly labelled ‘GET UP, STAND UP!’ goes off at 3.01am before another one is scheduled four minutes later at 3.05am with the warning ‘FEEL THE BURN’.

Two minutes later, another is set to blare with a fourth one, labelled ‘GET UP YOU MASSIVE HORSE’ arranged for 3.11am.

Dan’s last alarm is set for 3.19am with ‘THE CLAXON OF DISASTER’.

‘I’m going to miss so much about BBC Breakfast but… only 2 more days of this!

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