A full timeline of Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan's relationship

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The release of Sabrina Carpenter's latest music video is a grand event when it comes to celebrity relationships. Despite all the hype surrounding their months-long romance, the video for her new single "Please Please Please" features none other than her boyfriend and Saltburn sensation, Barry Keoghan.

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The video shows a romantic relationship similar to that of Bonnie and Clyde, where Keoghan frequently gets caught by authorities for robbing banks and engaging in fights with other males, while Carpenter is imprisoned. The video ends with the Espresso singer handcuffing her loved one to a chair and covering his mouth with tape.

Making a formal declaration of a romantic relationship in a grand fashion is definitely attention-grabbing. This action may be reminiscent of J-Lo's music video for "Jenny from the Block" back in 2002. In the video, Lopez's then-fiance Ben Affleck famously lovingly touches her behind.

Sabrina Carpenter showcased the latest Skims spring collection through a campaign that took inspiration from the 90s era. The campaign was photographed by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/PA.

In the chorus of the song, Carpenter sings about two different things - suffering from heartbreak and dealing with her ego. She pleads, using strong language, with the person not to embarrass her and begging them to please refrain from doing so.

It doesn't seem probable based on the couple's dating history. Over the course of six months since they were first seen together, the Irish actor has gained recognition for being an exceptionally supportive fan-boyfriend, potentially outshining even Tom Holland.

In December of last year, the 25-year-old singer and the 31-year-old Saltburn star were spotted on a dinner date in Brentwood, Los Angeles. This sparked speculation on social media, as many fans were surprised to learn that the Bafta-award winner and former Disney star was in a relationship, especially considering that he had recently broken up with his long-term girlfriend and mother of his child, Alyson Sandro.

Barry Keoghan appears in a scene that takes place in Saltburn.

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According to reports, Sandro, who works as a dental nurse and orthodontic therapist, apparently broke up with Keoghan in July of last year. They began a romantic relationship in February 2021 after meeting at a bar. During the production of Saltburn in August 2022, the couple welcomed their first child, a boy named Brando.

During a conversation with GQ, the Irish performer was questioned about their separation and responded by saying: "Alyson has done an impressive job and is a remarkable mom."

The Sun initially reported that the ex-partners had split up due to arguments over late-night partying, but they were still committed to prioritizing their son's well-being.

Sabrina Carpenter has recently released a new music video featuring her boyfriend, Barry Keoghan. The video showcases the couple in various romantic scenes, while Carpenter's beautiful voice serenades in the background. It's obvious that they share a special connection, which is evident in the way they look at each other and interact. The chemistry between them is really palpable, making for a mindblowing music video. Fans are already raving about the video on social media, expressing their admiration for the couple's chemistry and Carpenter's incredible voice. It seems like this video has struck a chord with everyone and is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Carpenter and Keoghan have been seen together on several occasions after their first meeting. Keoghan has consistently shown support for Carpenter by attending her concerts while she gains recognition worldwide.

Here's a complete timeline of the couple's fast-paced romance, from the first time they were spotted with Grammy to their debut appearance at the Met Gala.

Carpenter And Keoghan Spotted On Romantic Dinner In December 2023

In the beginning of December 2023, the Daily Mail stated that Carpenter and Keoghan were spotted together in a car park in Los Angeles. The two had supposedly just finished a romantic dinner and had been linked together romantically earlier in the year with Shawn Mendes.

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The narrative revolved around a few blurry images of the duo, yet gossip began to spread.

Keoghan Confirms Breakup With Alyson Sandro In Jan 2024

The next month, Keoghan announced that he had broken up with his girlfriend of many years, Alyson Sandro, who is also the mother of his child. During an interview for a GQ magazine cover story, Keoghan didn't discuss the details of their separation but he did say that Sandro had done a fantastic job and was an amazing mother.

The couple, who are no longer together, first met at a bar in London in 2021. They had been in a relationship since then and had a baby boy together in August 2022. Their son was named Brando, after the famous actor Marlon Brando. Keoghan was filming in Saltburn at the time.

Keoghan expressed his admiration for his son, remarking that the little one has been on his mind constantly. It's incredible how the child's gaze can make you feel like the most significant person in existence. When he beams at you, it's as if to say, "I value you," and it's a feeling you can't help but cherish.

It was reported in July 2023 that the actor and Sandro had ended their three-year relationship. According to a source, they had been drifting apart and it had caused tensions in their relationship. The source also mentioned that the actor's partying had been a point of contention between them. Additionally, the success of the actor's film, The Banshees of Inisherin, had put a strain on their relationship.

Couple Visits LA Theme Park In Jan 2024

During January 2024, it was observed that the pair went to the Luna Luna interactive museum amusement park in LA. According to a person who saw them, it appeared to be a romantic outing.

Additionally, the insider mentioned that the couple appeared "adorable" while in each other's company and even "exchanged a brief smooch."

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The news circulated that the Irish performer would show up with Carpenter at the Golden Globes in January of the year 2024. A source disclosed to The Sun that Sandro was informed beforehand about the Eternals protagonist's proposal to unveil their romantic association publicly.

Barry Keoghan makes an appearance at the United Kingdom debut of Masters of the Air (Ian West/PA).

According to a source, Barry believed that it would be better to inform Alyson first about his new relationship with Sabrina. This was to prevent her from feeling hurt if she found out through social media. Barry has been spending a great deal of time in the United States and he has asked Sabrina to accompany him as his guest to the Golden Globes. Despite the breakup, Barry and Alyson still keep in touch for the sake of their child, Brando. Barry has been transparent about his new romantic relationship with Sabrina.

Nevertheless, they both walked down the red carpet one after the other.

Grammys 2024: Celebs Spotted Partying Together

In the succeeding month, Keoghan and Carpenter were seen together at Bar Marmont in Los Angeles for W Magazine's lavish after-party. This happened after they walked on the red carpet separately at the Grammys.

On the Instagram page of the media company, a photograph was shared where the duo clicked their first picture together. In the picture, Keoghan made a fun pose by covering his face with his hand whereas Carpenter blocked her face with a glass of cocktail.

In that specific month, Carpenter had a conversation with Maya Hawke for Interview, in which they discussed her previous romantic struggles from only a couple of years prior.

Around two years ago, I was going through a rough and challenging phase in my life. I found it really difficult to compose or produce love songs that were uplifting and optimistic. I did, however, write a song called "Nonsense," which I thought was pretty good. But then, I became concerned that it might detract from the songs on my album, called "Emails I Can't Send," which dealt with more sensitive subjects. Some people in the past had accused me of a lack of consistency in my music, that it didn't all sound alike, and that criticism weighed heavily on me. However, I'm grateful to my fans, because they're the ones who decided that "Nonsense" meant something to them and deserved a spot on the album.

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Couple Spotted At Numerous LA Dinner Dates In Feb 2024

The couple who had been rumored to be dating for some time were spotted on two separate occasions in Los Angeles during February. They dined together at Nobu and then headed over to Hotel Bel-Air. Sources reported that Keoghan brought Carpenter back to her home the following morning and they shared a kiss before saying goodbye.

A few weeks afterwards, the pair were spotted together on another charming evening out, this occasion enjoying food and drinks at well-known West Hollywood locations Delilah and Ysabel. The couple were photographed by onlookers as they smiled and chuckled on the pavement, appearing very much enamored.

Keoghan Joins Carpenter For Taylor Swift’s Singapore Tour In March 2024

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are typically the most prominent celebrity couple during the Eras tour, but Keoghan and Carpenter have definitely emerged as fierce competition.

At the time when Carpenter was performing in Singapore as Swift's opener, Keoghan attended to cheer on his girlfriend. Fans who shared videos online observed the Irish actor grinning happily while Carpenter sang her popular track, "Nonsense."

In another video, Keoghan and Carpenter embraced each other backstage. The singer approached the actor, and he turned her around while holding her.

"Pair Spotted At 2024 Vanity Fair Oscars Party"

Although the pair walked down the red carpet separately, they were subsequently photographed standing together prior to attending the celebration.

As a touching gesture towards Carpenter, Keoghan donned a friendship wristband that seemed to be solely devoted to the vocalist. The adornment was adorned with a love-filled pendant and contained the moniker "Sabrina" spelled out using alphabet beads.

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Keoghan's Coachella Support Goes Viral - April 2024

During Carpenter's performance at Coachella last April, a cute video of Keoghan in the audience became popular on various social media platforms. While Carpenter was preparing for her performance, she saw Keoghan amongst the crowd and greeted him with a brief smile and a small wave. Keoghan, in turn, responded playfully by spinning around.

Carpenter strongly hinted at her romance with her boyfriend towards the end of her performance by making a bold shoutout. She made use of a reference to Keoghan’s popular bathtub scene in Saltburn while altering the lyrics of her hit song, Nonsense. While singing the outro, Carpenter replaced original lyrics with ones that insinuated her boyfriend was so captivated by her that he had to spread her. She further implied that he enjoys drinking her bathwater just as how one enjoys red wine.

Another video recorded by a fan shows Keoghan recording Carpenter during her performance. After that, they were seen together riding a golf cart backstage.

First Met Gala Appearance For Couple In May 2024

In May of 2024, the two individuals finally made a public appearance together at the most prominent fashion event of the year, dazzling the red carpet with their presence.

They stood together on the well-known staircase, with Carpenter wearing a specially tailored Oscar de la Renta ensemble featuring a bustier top, while Keoghan donned a soft brown Burberry suit paired with a black top hat.

Keoghan Catches Carpenter's Set At BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend In May 2024

Confirming his position as the most devoted partner a fan could ask for, Keoghan was seen for the second time observing Carpenter's performance at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend in Luton.

Carpenter performed her popular song Espresso during her set on TikTok, which was recorded by fans. As she sang and danced, the Saltburn celebrity watched from the side of the stage, smiling and clapping along. Before the performance, The Sun received information from a trustworthy source that Keoghan would be present at the event.

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Sabrina Carpenter took the stage at Radio 1's Big Weekend and put on an incredible show. Her performance was top-notch and had the audience completely captivated. The young pop star sang her heart out and had everybody dancing and singing along. There's no denying that Sabrina Carpenter is a talented musician who knows how to entertain a crowd. Her performance at Radio 1's Big Weekend was proof of that. Fans and critics alike were blown away by her skills and are eagerly awaiting her next performance. It's safe to say that Sabrina Carpenter is definitely one to watch for the future!

They reported that Barry was included in the exclusive list of VIP guests for this coming Sunday and intends to support her from the stage area. He expressed his utmost pride for her.

Keoghan Stars In Carpenter's New Music Video In June 2024

It took half a year of uncertainty, but Carpenter and Keoghan ultimately appeared on camera together in the music video for Carpenter's latest song Please Please Please this month.

Barry Keoghan appears alongside Sabrina Carpenter in her latest music video.

The video shows some references to the real characters of Keoghan and Carpenter. It starts with a guard calling out Carpenter's name to inform that she has been released from jail. Then, we see Keoghan - who is actually a non-professional boxer - fighting with the mafia in some shots. Carpenter beseeches him to prove his integrity as an actor by behaving decently in the situation.

The part of the blog that comes after talks about how Keoghan's apprehension in the video might be a reference to his being taken into custody for being drunk in public in 2022. The final shot of the video exhibits Carpenter putting handcuffs on Keoghan and securing him to a chair while belting out the lyrics, "If you don't want to hear my tunes, don't give me a reason to detest you passionately."

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