LGBTQ Products Removed From Target After Worker Threats

LGBTQ Products Removed From Target After Worker Threats

Conservative lawmakers are targeting the rights of LGBTQ people in the US. As a result, a decision has been made.

Target will remove certain LGBTQ products from its outlets across America before Pride month. This decision was taken because their staff received threats of violence.

The company said on Tuesday that they're getting rid of some things. They didn't say what things.

Conservatives are angry at the store for selling bathing suits for transgender women. They are spreading false rumors that the bathing suits are for children. Abprallen brand has also been criticized for having “Satanist” themes.

Target says threats have made their team members feel unsafe at work. They are changing their plans by removing certain items that have caused conflict.

Republican-led states are making new laws that take away the rights of transgender people and other members of the LGBTQ community. The laws stop healthcare options, education representation, and drag shows. People who support these laws say bad things about gay and transgender people. They say these people are trying to hurt children. Because of this, Amazon will not donate money to politicians who support these laws.

The ACLU said that there were around 500 anti-LGBTQ rights bills in front of the state legislature since the year started.

Lots of laws have tried to stop trans people using the pronouns they prefer. The laws also stop them from getting care that affirms their gender. Trans people cannot talk openly about who they are and are stopped from using toilets that go with their gender.

GLAAD reported over 160 drag shows in the US were met with protests or threats. Far-right groups like Proud Boys were involved in some cases. These events happened since early 2022. LGBTQ rights were affected.

Target stores moved LGBTQ merchandise to less visible areas due to workers' harassment, says Associated Press.

Anti-LGBTQ rights activists are happy the store made this decision. They were also against a beer brand called Bud Light for using a transgender comedian named Dylan Mulvaney.

Matt Walsh wrote on Twitter that the aim is to make brands feel bad for showing "pride". He helped put pressure on Target. He said if brands show "pride", then they will regret it. Bud Light and now Target are examples.

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