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The Critical Role of AI in HR Automation

Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into HR processes improves analysis, diagnosis, and prediction capabilities. It can help HR teams make

Posted on Jun 21, 2021

Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into HR processes improves analysis, diagnosis, and prediction capabilities. It can help HR teams make data-driven decisions, which in turn benefits the organisation.  For the past several years, automating the HR process with the help of AI has been gaining momentum. Many HR experts have recognised how automating areas such as recruitment, onboarding, and training can streamline internal processes. And contrary to misconceptions, automation puts the employee first by making it easier to accomplish administrative tasks.

How confident is the HR industry with automation?

Indeed, AI is one of the key technologies making HR automation possible. Nowadays people in the workplace trust technology at maintaining work schedules, providing unbiased information and managing a budget. They feel optimistic about AI in the in the workplace.

And while it may take time before companies fully integrate AI into all their processes, HR is setting an example. Here’s how AI plays an essential role in cognitive HR automation.

Smart online forms for candidate applications and resumes

One primary reason to automate HR is to effectively connect prospective job candidates with companies that are scouting for talent. Large-scale automation, with the help of scalable AI technology, is one way HR departments can achieve this goal.

To compare, the traditional approach usually involves a repetitive input of employee information during his journey as a new hire. To reduce some of the tediousness of this task, some companies make use of AI to come up with an automated platform for transferring resume details. This same platform can automatically transfer relevant information into employee forms.

Another application of AI in the recruitment process is the capability to analyse applicant resume to find the best position based on their experience and skills. Moreover, there are companies already leveraging AI to pre-screen applicants before they get referred to a recruiter.

Boost employee learning and development

Learning and development are a significant part of human resource management. In the next few years, you can expect companies to adapt automated and AI-driven learning programs. The goal is to ensure that these programs are agile and meets the changing needs of their employees. Instead of broad or generic learning models, new programs are more intuitive and cater specifically to what an employee needs. This will require advanced analytic capabilities, which is possible through AI.

Enhanced workforce analytics

Workforce analytics is essential to monitor and gauge performance. For HR managers, data empowers them to make better decisions that are critical for success. With the help of automated tools that generate data, managers will have greater visibility over specific metrics. Immediate access to information such as daily absences, shift changes, and other performance indicators is valuable for an HR manager.


The rapid advancement of AI and machine learning are finding mainstream applications. HR automation is but one example of how AI can improve the workplace. Although there is no one-sized solution to all HR challenges, automation is one approach that many find advantageous. 

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