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Arne Slot

Arne Slot, the new head coach of Liverpool football club, is facing his first major issue with Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian player is causing some problems in the team, and Slot needs to find a way to manage the situation. Salah has been a key player for Liverpool since joining the team in 2017, but he has also had some issues. He has been linked to transfer rumors, and his recent comments about his future have raised some concerns among fans. Furthermore, Salah was recently caught breaking COVID-19 protocols by attending his brother's wedding in Egypt. This has caused some tension within the team, as players have been reminded of their responsibilities to follow the rules. Slot will need to address these issues with Salah to ensure that he can continue to contribute to the team while also maintaining a good relationship with his teammates. It's going to be a challenge for the new coach, but he's up for the task.

In this blog section, James Olley discusses the major choice that Arne Slot will have to make regarding Mohamed Salah once he becomes the new manager at Liverpool. The video attached is 2 minutes and 24 seconds long.

On May 17th, 2024 at 2:42 pm, the blog section was updated.

The manager of Feyenoord, Arne Slot, has declared that he will take over from Jürgen Klopp as the new head coach of Liverpool starting next season.

During a news conference, Slot announced that next year he would be taking on the role of trainer at that location. I can verify his statement.

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In January, Klopp announced that he will no longer be serving as Liverpool manager by the end of the season. Slot is now the frontrunner to take over his position.

Just like Klopp did on Friday, Slot made use of his pre-match news conference to say goodbye to his team.

"I hadn't been considering that this could be leading up to my final match, however, that notion is beginning to arise now," expressed Slot.

As the week started, I had some thoughts about training and related stuff. However, my emotions have intensified lately, and that's why I'm running a little late for the news conference. I made sure to bid farewell to some people personally and invested more time than just exchanging handshakes.

Well, my emotions are intensifying. While positive outcomes do play a role, it's truly heartwarming to sense that others genuinely regret my departure. One can certainly articulate their sympathies, but it's the genuine sentiment that one can perceive. This acknowledgment holds significant value to me.

Feyenoord gave confirmation of Slot's leaving through a video on X where they stated that the Arne Slot time at the club was reaching its conclusion. They urged fans to relish the remaining moments.

Last year, Slot, aged 45, agreed to a three-year deal with the Rotterdam team after leading them to win the Eredivisie championship. Despite receiving offers from Leeds United and Tottenham Hotspur, the ex-coach of AZ Alkmaar turned them down in order to remain with Feyenoord.

Liverpool hasn't officially announced the hiring of Slot as their new manager, but they have come to an agreement with Feyenoord to provide £9.4 million ($11.8m) in compensation.

ESPN has received information indicating that Slot intends to bring on his former assistant at Feyenoord, Sipke Hulshoff, as a member of his support team at Liverpool.

Hulshoff and Slot have been colleagues at Feyenoord starting from 2022. Furthermore, Hulshoff has been serving as an assistant to the Netherlands national team with the previous manager of Everton, Ronald Koeman, starting from January 2023.

This report was put together with contributions from both ESPN's Mark Ogden and Reuters.

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