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Andy Cole

Andy Cole has recently discussed his struggle with health issues after he received a kidney transplant around 7 years ago.

In April 2017, the iconic Manchester United player received a kidney transplant from his own nephew.

Cole, a member of the team that won the Treble in 1998-99, had experienced kidney failure before due to an airborne disease he contracted in 2015.

Talking about his sickness on The Overlap, sponsored by Sky Bet, Cole shared that he is managing his problems after the transplant more effectively, but this is due to the fact that he understands he will never fully recover.

He expressed that it hasn't been easy and being honest about it. As he has matured and comprehended more about it, coping has become somewhat simpler. However, initially when he was impacted by it, he thought to himself, "Alright, let's do this."

Cole shared about his struggle with sickness following a kidney transplant he underwent in 2017.

On The Overlap, Cole shared that he has been facing exhaustion since undergoing the transplant.

Cole was a member of the team that won the Treble for Manchester United in the season of 1998-99.

He stated: 'However, the mindset is to be tough and resilient. The mindset is to be strong and face the challenges head-on. Thus, when I eventually grasped the situation, it deeply affected me.'

Realizing that my life has changed and I won't be able to do some things that I desire.

Therefore, I underwent a kidney transplant due to a condition that causes extreme exhaustion. I constantly experienced feelings of fatigue, and despite this, I was under the impression that I could still function properly. However, after the surgery, I came to the realization that prior to the operation, I was sleeping for approximately 10 to 11 hours a day due to the overwhelming fatigue.

When I first heard it and understood it a little bit, it messed with my mind because I have been a professional athlete for most of my life. Suddenly, someone told me that the most I can do is casual gardening. I refused to accept that and insisted on doing things at full speed.

Attempting to comprehend the situation was a challenging undertaking. The fluctuations in condition and reliance on medical treatment presented obstacles - some days you feel well, while other days you feel drained and incapable of leaving the bed. Regardless, I must confront these challenges and proceed forward. Although it may not be socially acceptable to use the phrase "man-up," it has been engrained in my upbringing.

Cole admitted that managing his medication has been the most challenging aspect of his recovery post-transplant.

He remarked: 'The medicine is as it is, it affects your entire body. I recall when I underwent the transplant, my nephew had to remain hospitalized for two weeks while I was released after a week because he felt unwell.

When the surgeons removed his kidney, he had a difficult time. I became worried and thought to myself, "Here we go." I even told the surgeons that I would be willing to fall ill again if it meant he could recover from the surgery.

In the previous month, Cole was added to the Premier League Hall of Fame, joining the latest inductees.

As I mentioned earlier, it's definitely a challenging situation. I experienced several other difficulties during that period as well. However, when you witness everything crumbling before your eyes, it does have a significant impact on your mental well-being.

'It was definitely challenging, but once you tackle it and begin assembling the pieces, having supportive individuals around you is vital. Some people may bid farewell, while others stand tall and express their unwavering support for you.'

After I resolved that issue and focused on my mental state, the tasks were a bit more manageable. However, I won't claim that I am completely recovered because improvement is a continuous process.

However, I acknowledge and come to terms with it, that there will be certain days when I might refer to it as a kidney day. On those days, my body makes it clear to me that it's not going to cooperate. On the other hand, there are also days when I feel great and energetic.

The ex-forward established the Andy Cole fund with the aim of collecting £500,000 for research that can enhance the transplant process of kidneys and the overall wellbeing of the patient.

Cole has now joined the prestigious ranks of Manchester United players who have been recognized and inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Premier League - the fourth highest goal-scoring player in the league's history.

He was introduced to the group along with past Chelsea players John Terry and Ashley Cole.

Andy Cole appeared as a guest on The Overlap, a program sponsored by Sky Bet.

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