Derby Alstom train factory jobs fear as orders dry up

Derby Alstom train factory jobs fear as orders dry up

The company had been depending on sizable requests to furnish HS2, but they have been postponed along with the overall venture.

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The council of Derby City is trying to set up discussions with the train manufacturer Alstom due to rumors that they might have to let some of their employees go.

The Litchurch Lane location of the company is the solitary train plant in the United Kingdom that has the capability to create, produce, engineer, and examine trains for both local and foreign markets.

The factory currently employs approximately 2,000 individuals, however, the company has informed that they have orders lined up until the beginning of 2024.

The governing body expressed surprise upon hearing about the possibility of employment termination and wished to lend assistance in any way possible.

According to news articles, the corporation's source of income had been heavily dependent on pre-existing agreements with HS2. However, due to delays in these arrangements, they have now decided to cut down on their employees.

According to calculations, in addition to the main workforce, the factory also aids 1,400 subsidiary businesses which hire approximately 17,000 individuals.

The company's manufacturing plant located in Derby first started operating in 1876. Lately, it has been producing trains for Crossrail project.

Although its roots can be traced back to the Industrial Revolution, the current usage of the facility was to provide 70 trains for the Elizabeth Line, a transportation network across London known as Crossrail.

The head of Derby City Council, Baggy Shanker, mentioned that the company is among the biggest private employers in the city.

He expressed surprise at the extensive news coverage across the country today. The factory located at Litchurch Lane holds great significance for Derby and its value cannot be undermined. We empathize with the effects that this loss of employment opportunities will have on the local community and the surrounding areas.

As a governing body, we are prepared to contribute and request the authorities and labor unions to collaborate closely with Alstom to establish a viable future for the factory. This will not only be advantageous to the numerous staff members at the plant, but also to others in the regional supply network.

The railway industry holds a great significance for the city, and this was acknowledged earlier this year when Derby was chosen as the location for the brand new headquarters of Great British Railways. We express our solidarity with Alstom and their employees as they face difficult times and we commit to providing assistance in any way possible.

According to an article in the Times newspaper, Steve Turner, who serves as assistant general secretary for manufacturing at the Unite trade union, has stated that the factory's unemployment could lead to a damaging impact on Derby and may even lead to the collapse of the rail supply chain in the UK. This would be an extremely negative outcome.

An Alstom representative for the United Kingdom and Ireland made clear that no choice has been made yet.

According to them, Derby holds significant value for Alstom as well as the railway industry in the United Kingdom.

The lone factory in the UK that possesses the capability to plan, construct, and assess trains meant for both local and global trade is none other than this one.

Our dedication is to collaborate with the government in order to guarantee a stable future for our factory, consisting of 2,000 employees, and the more than 1,400 suppliers we interact with in the UK.

A representative from the Department for Transport has stated that the production of trains is crucial for boosting the economy of the United Kingdom and providing improved transportation facilities to the general public.

The government continues with its pledge to aid the whole industry. We are keeping in touch with Alstom as they work towards constructing a long-lasting future for their Derby location.

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