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GMB viewers speak out on Alastair Campbell as his appearance 'sparks Ofcom complaints'

The writer and campaigner is guest hosting the ITV show from today (Monday) until Wednesday alongside Susanna Reid

Good Morning Britain viewers have had their say on Alastair Campbell's debut.

The writer and campaigner is guest hosting the show from today (Monday) until Wednesday alongside Susanna Reid.

But Alastair, who is the ex-right hand man to former Prime Minister Tony Blair, appeared not to be in the mood when 6.30am hit and the camera's began to roll on Monday morning's GMB.

"Good morning, Britain. It has just gone 6.30am on Monday May 10. Welcome to the programme, Alastair Campbell," Susanna, 50, began.

"Thank you very much," Alastair responded before his new co-host commented: "It is a perfect week to have you on."

"It is not a perfect week..." he remarked back to which Susanna quizzed: "Because, we are asking today: what is the point of the Labour Party?"

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"That is why it is not a good week!" he replied.

Susanna continued: "... and is this the beginning of the end? I mean, we had a discussion in the wake of those results and you were not in a good mood. And I am not sure that has improved this morning."

Alastair then replied: "No, but it had improved through Friday when some better results had come in for Labour..."

Susanna said: "You were grasping at Mayors."

Alastair then replied: "I was grasping at Mayors. There are some good Mayors. I am speaking to one later. I think this is a mess."

But despite that, the first show of the week appeared to go swimmingly.

Fans, however, have been divided.

Viewers have had their say on the new partnership (Image: ITV)

"Alastair Campbell has been on just over 10 mins and I can already say I’m not a fan #gmb," one said.

Another argued: "@campbellclaret Good morning Alastair you’re doing a brilliant & wonderful job presenting #GMB @GMB with @susannareid100 at least you let the guests answer your questions you’re better than Piers Morgan!!!"

"When I first read of Campbell presenting GMB, I thought it was a joke. Complaints galore to OFCOM," a third added.

But a fourth said: "Alastair Campbell doing a great job. Get him back for more."

"Alastair Campbell has well an truly killed off good morning britain, jesus #goodmorningbritain #GMB," another brutally swiped.

While a viewer added: "Saw Alastair Campbell was presenting on GMB. Brilliant. Great improvement GMB."

Alastair is guest hosting the show (Image: ITV)

His appearance on the programme coincides with Mental Health Awareness Week, an area he has spoken openly and honestly about in relation to his own mental health struggles.

GMB hasn't made a permanent replacement for Piers Morgan since his sudden exit in March.

Susanna has remained at the helm of the show alongside Adil Ray as well as Ben Shephard since her co-host of five years left.

And the former host has made sure to have his say on Alastair's appearance while also addressing his 'ex-TV wife' Susanna.

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