Air Canada kicks out two passengers who refused to sit on vomit-soiled seats

Air Canada

Air Canada had to issue an apology to two passengers who were removed from an airplane due to their refusal to occupy seats they deemed contaminated with vomit. This incident occurred during a flight from Las Vegas to Montreal.

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Aboard the Air Canada Flight 1706, there was a passenger named Susan Benson who observed the whole commotion. According to her account, the chaos began when two female travelers reported a foul odor emanating from their seats to the flight attendants.

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The travelers expressed that they couldn't take a seat due to the fact that an individual, likely from the prior journey, had vomited on the chairs. Despite attempts to tidy up the plane, the cleaning was insufficiently comprehensive.

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Susan shared on Facebook that the passengers, who were evidently upset, put coffee residue in the seat pocket and sprayed fragrance to cover up the scent. Despite their attempts, they still had to face the flight attendant who empathized with their situation but mentioned that the plane was at maximum capacity, leaving them unable to assist further.

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Even though the cabin crew made an effort to conceal the odor, the passengers contended that sitting on the seat was simply impossible. The attendants further mentioned that there were no available alternatives as the flight was completely booked.

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After a prolonged period of quarrelling, the travelers received blankets and cleansing materials. Even though they made efforts to tidy up the space on their own, the problem still persisted. Benson observed that the ladies expressed their unwillingness to occupy a damp seat for the entire duration of the 4-hour-and-25-minute trip.

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Pilot's Ultimatum: A High-Stakes Decision

Benson, who occupied a seating row behind the travelers, clarified that not long after that, the pilot approached and presented the passengers with two alternatives: they could either voluntarily disembark from the flight and seek alternative flights, or they would be accompanied by security personnel and added to a blacklist prohibiting their future air travel.

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Benson mentioned that there were no raised voices and the occurrence was hardly discernible to those who were not in close vicinity.

The aircraft was soon attended by security personnel who promptly accompanied the two passengers out of the plane.

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Following the uproar that gained momentum on various social media platforms, Air Canada issued a declaration indicating that they were in the process of internally examining this significant issue and had already made direct contact with the affected customers.

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The airline stated that they did not adhere to the correct operating procedures in this particular case. They further mentioned that they have already expressed their apologies to the customers who were affected.

It is evident that they did not receive the level of care that they deserved. We are still in touch with them regarding this issue.

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