Air Canada kicks off passengers who refused vomit-smeared seats

Air Canada

Air Canada declares that it was 'evaluating this grave issue'

Air Canada has expressed remorse following the removal of two passengers from a flight due to their refusal to occupy seats covered in vomit stains.

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Susan Benson, a traveler aboard the flight from Las Vegas to Montreal, claimed that the pilot cautioned the passengers that persistent grievances could result in their inclusion on a list which restricts air travel privileges.

She mentioned that the employees attempted to conceal "a slightly unpleasant odor" by using fragrance and ground coffee.

Air Canada stated that the passengers "obviously did not receive the level of care that they should have been provided".

"When the flight occurred at the end of the previous month, Ms Benson shared on Facebook that initially, we were unaware of the issue."

It seems that during the previous flight, an individual had regurgitated. The attendant on board expressed sincere remorse but clarified that all seats were occupied on the flight.

According to her, the employees allegedly "deposited coffee grounds inside the pocket of the seat and applied fragrance", yet the seating and safety belt were "damp, and remnants of vomit remained evident".

According to Ms Benson, the pilot emerged from the cockpit after a few minutes of "dialogue and exchange".

The individuals aboard were informed that they had the option to take initiative and arrange their own air travel expenses should they choose to disembark from the aircraft. Alternatively, if they declined this offer, they would be accompanied by security personnel as they exited the plane and their names would be added to a list prohibiting them from future air travel.

They were subsequently accompanied away by security personnel.

Ms. Benson expressed her deep disappointment in being a citizen of Canada and being associated with Air Canada due to the controversy.

Air Canada expressed its intent to thoroughly examine this grave issue and acknowledged that proper protocols were not adhered to in this particular case.

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