Enock Poulsen warns Adam Azim: 'The European title is mine and right now he's only borrowing it'

Adam Azim

Enock Poulsen, a Danish boxer who has never been defeated and who was once a European champion, attended a live boxing match in Wolverhampton to witness Adam Azim viciously defeat Franck Petitjean and secure the EBU super-lightweight championship title.

Poulsen used a belt to keep his pants in place. He was victorious in the championship last year, triumphing over Petitjean. As he had to give up the championship belt, Petitjean was given a chance to compete for the title again, leading to his match against Azim on Saturday.

Poulsen is the fighter who is required to compete for the championship that he previously held, but never lost in the ring. He has expressed that he desires to battle against Azim in order to reclaim the title.

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Poulsen stated to Sky Sports that the current title belongs to him and it is only being temporarily used by someone else. He plans to reclaim it and triumph over Azim on his own turf.

This is my headline. Before the scheduled second fight with Franck, I fell ill for a duration of ten days. However, during the first fight, I emerged victorious with a significant lead. What's more, despite sustaining shoulder injuries, I still emerged triumphant.

Poulsen thinks that Azim is getting too much attention. He said, "That's right. He hasn't faced a challenging opponent yet." Poulsen knows that Azim is popular in the United Kingdom.

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I am confident that he will not win in the battle against me.

The person from Denmark is keen on going back to the UK to battle it out with Azim. He stated, "I've been engaged in fights for as long as I can remember. Therefore, I fancy competing in such significant encounters."

My ultimate goal is to perform on a grand scale. I yearn to demonstrate to all that I am the undisputed EBU champion. It is my strong desire to emerge victorious on my adversary's home turf.

"It would hold immense significance."

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He declared that he possesses the necessary equipment to defeat Azim.

"I possess various techniques. My approach is contingent upon my rival because I am capable of adjusting accordingly. However, typically I exhibit rapidity, agility, and astuteness in the ring. I possess all the requisite abilities to make a bout with Azim exceptionally entertaining for the audience," stated Poulsen.

If you wish to engage in a brawl, I am ready to battle. If you prefer a boxing match, I am willing to participate. Personally, I am inclined to confront my opponent in their native land. They can expect a formidable challenge from me. I possess the qualities of bravery and expertise in the boxing ring.

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